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Friday, February 5, 2021

Farmers Protest: We must 'thank' Greta for accidentally leaking an anti-India toolkit!

Today our concern is with the farmer and farmer Andonal. 
But the big concern related to this is the international conspiracy against India. On Wednesday, we told you that the agenda is being run in India about the farmer movement. His propaganda is being spread abroad. Now we are going to expose that the anti-India agenda is being run abroad. Today he will open his raw letter. For the next one hour, we will separate this conspiracy layer by layer and separate every piece of anti-country agenda abroad. Listen to a word carefully first. Toolkit means Google Toolkit. Today you are hearing this word again and again. In fact, this term of social media has become famous by the tweet of Sweden's 18-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg, in which Google toolkits were uploaded to incite the peasant movement in India, and today Delhi Police filed a case against the author who created this toolkit. have done.

But now listen to what we are saying. We are saying thank you Greta Thanberg. Today 130 crore Indians are grateful to you. You exposed the pole of an international conspiracy against India. Because neither you would have made this mistake nor this international conspiracy would have removed the curtain.

Actually Greta Thunberg shared a document on Twitter titled #AskIndiaWhy. In this documented weapon of defaming India, a complete blueprint has been drawn to make the peasant movement fiery. Through this tweet, Greta Thanberg has made a strong effort to provoke and provoke anti-India forces. Next to #AskIndiaWhy, will you be a part of the biggest movement in human history?

Now, in the tweet of Greta Thanberg, the documents which were anti-India conspiracy were tagged. Let him explain one by one, what is written in it.

These points are in the document

So the first point of the document which was attached in Greta's tweet, reach to participate in the On Ground Protest. Email pictures showing solidarity with the farmers movement. Send these pictures by 25 January, below it is written a demonstration of solidarity with the farmers standing on the Delhi border.

The second point called for a digital strike against India and wrote that photos or video messages with the #AskIndiaWhy hashtag should be posted on Twitter before January 26 or until January 26.

In the third point, on January 23 and January 26 at 11.30 pm, there is a talk of bringing storm on Twitter, in which it is written. Feel free to tag @PMOIndia and Agriculture Minister Narendra Tomar in your tweet.

Apart from this, also tag the heads of your country and others like- IMF, WTO, FAO, World Bank. In the fourth point it is written that on January 23, there will be a zoom session with the representatives of the farmers organization, for which they were asked to write on
It is mentioned in the fifth point that on January 26, on the occasion of Republic Day of India, Global Insta will be live with the farmers of the Delhi border and environmental activists from all over the world.

In Sixth Point, physical action was talked about in Indian embassies, government offices, media houses, even Adani and Ambani's offices.

In the seventh point it is written that for the march or parade of farmers go or join the borders of Delhi and in the eighth point it is written that call or email any of your government representatives and ask them to take action. Apart from this, sign petitions online and in this document these anti-India conspiracies have been written in detail.

In this secret document of Greta, there is a complete blue print of the Indian farmers' agitation and the international conspiracy against India, which he also shared on his social media account. But later it was deleted, calling it old.

After this, Greta Thanberg shared another document and told how to run a campaign on social media in support of the farmers movement and it has new blue prints of the anti-India conspiracy. That is why we initially thanked Greta Thanberg for exposing the international conspiracy against India and some intellectuals in the country are also demanding Padma award for Greta.

By now you must have understood that the first tool kit that Greta Thanberg shared on Twitter was the blue print of Delhi violence on 26 January. That means planning took place abroad and on the same drawn grooves in Delhi, on the day of Republic Day, tractor parade created a furore. The dignity of the Republic was ashamed. The tricolor was insulted and more than 500 policemen performing duty with full discipline and restraint were injured.

Next we will open the complete horoscope of this tool kit. First of all, know what day and at what time did Greta Thenberg share the first tool kit on Twitter? And then delete it. We investigated and found out the details, in which the timing of this post was 3 February 19 in the evening. But since the planning that was in it was before 26 January. So after this Greta made another tweet on the intervening night of 3-4 February at 1: 22 minutes and attached a new toolkit i.e. new document. In which there is a mention of further planning of the anti-India conspiracy.

The title of this toolkit is also the same as that of the earlier toolkit. That is, the hashtag Ask India why and below it is written that you will be a part of the biggest movement in human history. 5 points are written in front of it.

In the first point, it is written that on February 4 and 5, from 11 am to 2 pm, create a storm on Twitter. In the second point, there is an appeal to share photo / video on by 6 February.

The third point states that if you want a session to understand the local context with environmental activists and experts in India, write to us at

In the fourth point, they said that they should ask government officials to take action on phone or through mail. Apply pressure on monopolists like Adani-Ambani to take action by filing an online petition.

In Fifth Point, take on-ground action at your nearest Indian Embassy, ​​Media House or your local government office. It is also worth noting here that the toolkit that Greta Thanberg attached in both her tweets. In it, the ruling party of India, BJP has been called the fascist party. Which clearly indicates that this document is part of a propaganda campaign and part of it is also Greta Thanberg.

We also showed you a tweet by Greta Thunberg on Wednesday, in which she wrote that we are united towards the farmers' movement in India. But after this, his real intention was clear through another tweet, in which he shared a conspiracy document against India and Greta's tweet became quite a troll. In spite of this, Greta Thenberg retweeted and wrote that I am still in support of the farmers and hate, threats or human rights violations will not change it.

On Wednesday, apart from Greta, we also showed you the tweet of famous pop singer Rihanna, porn star Mia Khalifa and Meena Harris, the niece of US Vice President Kamala Harris, and also told who was pouring compost water against her India in propaganda crop. is. Today its concern is echoed in Parliament also.

Where did the anti-India toolkit come from?

So far you have heard the term toolkit many times. Through this Google toolkit, there was a plan to discredit India. Now we tell you where did this anti-India toolkit originate? Actually, the name of the Poetic Justice Foundation, ie PJF, has been revealed.

It is said that PJF had prepared an anti-India strategy before and after the January 26 tractor march. This document was made viral by saving it in the document of Google Toolkit. Greta Thanberg shared this on Twitter and accidentally shared the old toolkit which is going viral. Let us tell you that this entire conspiracy to discredit India was hatched in Canada. Because the Poetic Justice Foundation is run from there. Let us also tell you that the Poetic Justice Foundation is an NGO of Canada. The name of M.O. Dhaliwal has emerged as its co-founder. Propaganda Material is also full of farmers on its website.

Actually, PJF's plan was that through this Google Toolkit, the farmer movement should be used to add fuel to the fire. That is why he prepared these documents under Propaganda, so that the image of India could be damaged. It was also written that the Central Government can do something like 1984 to stop the 26 January movement. Their aim was to provoke the sentiments of the Sikhs and many foreign celebrities including Greta Thunberg have joined such anti-India agenda.

You may have also seen the rise of thousands of tractors in the capital Delhi, protesters hoisting the religious flag on the Red Fort and pictures of pointed wires and nails lying on the borders of Delhi. But now there is a conspiracy to discredit India in the world and it is also being used as an international propaganda weapon. But now international media is also involved in this game.

The story is being written in CNN against the image of India on the continuous farmer movement. Apart from this, there are many foreign newspapers and magazines like TIME, Al Jazeera, The new york times, Washington Post, The Guardian, France24 which are reporting propaganda about India's farmer movement.

CNN writes that India is the world's largest democracy, but in terms of banning the Internet, India has been at number one in the year 2019. Time magazine has published a report on banning Twitter accounts associated with the farmer movement in India and then lifting the ban in a few hours.

Alajjira has written that the echo of the ongoing farmer movement in India is heard in America and Americans are feeling connected to it. The New York Times has questioned the intention of the Indian government by referring to the events of 26 January.

The anti-India agenda being pursued abroad is the big hand of Khalistani terrorists who are plotting to defame India under propaganda. Today, Delhi Police has also disclosed this. It is being said that through this a conspiracy was hatched to weaken India's economy as well.

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