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Friday, February 5, 2021

Movie Review: Lahore Confidential

Many films have been made about the relationship between India and Pakistan. 
The people of RAW and ISI send their agents to other countries to know the intelligence plan of other country so that intelligence can be extracted. Lahore Confidential is based on sensitive relations between India and Pakistan. After the success of London Confidential, we have brought this film. The special thing about this film is that it has been shown from the perspective of a woman. It is the story of a straightforward desk job girl who gets caught in Honey Trap.

The story of the film is of Ananya i.e. Richa Chadha, who works for Raw. Who only does the desk job and his mother is worried about his marriage. Ananya also begins to feel that she never gave time for love because of her focus in studies. Due to the growing tension between India and Pakistan, Ananya is sent to Pakistan on a secret mission. Where he meets ISI agent Rauf Ahmed Kazmi. The two do not know anything about each other's identity. On the one hand there is increasing tension between the two countries, on the other hand, the love of these two begins to climb.

Ananya becomes so crazy in Ahmed's love that she leaves her secret mission and starts helping him. Meanwhile, Ananya comes in front of Ahmed's truth and thrills begin with romance in the film. Coming out of the sleep of love, his patriotism wakes up. After that, to know what Ananya does with Ahmed, you will have to watch the film itself.

The special thing of this film is that every time men are seen getting caught in the trap of Honey Trap. It is shown for the first time that a woman falls into this trap. Karishma Tanna and Arunoday Singh have appeared in the lead role with Richa Chadha in the spy thriller film.

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