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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Chanakya Niti: The secret of a life of honor is hidden in these two verses

The name of Chanakya (Chanakya) comes first in the best scholars of India. 
If we talk about the education given by Chanakya, then it is mandatory to get success in life by following the instructions given by him. His words and the education he gives lead a person to success. Chanakya was related to the world famous Takshshila University. Chanakya used to provide education to the students there. Chanakya also had knowledge of many subjects. Chanakya had knowledge of economics, sociology, political science as well as military science and diplomacy. Chanakya's knowledge was very vast. According to Chanakya, it is not necessary for a person to have certain qualities to succeed. Sometimes a person's qualities are enough to succeed. According to Chanakya, only a superior quality can lift a person to a height. Chanakya has told two verses,

First verse

Akenapi Suvarna Pushpiten Sugandina

Vasitam tadvanam sarvam suputren kulan yatha.

 This verse told by Chanakya means that a person who has qualities can leave a good impression on all people with only one of his qualities. One of his qualities becomes his identity. Chanakya says that the way in which only one plant with beautiful flowers in the whole garden smells the entire garden with its smell, just like that a good son alone is enough to illuminate the name of his entire family.

Second verse

Aken dry tree dahmanen vahirna.

Dahmate tadvanam sarvam kuputren kulan yatha.

This second verse of Chanakya means that if a dry forest fires, the entire forest becomes ashes of water, in the same way if a son is born in the family, then the fame of the entire family Keeps it mixed with soil. By both these things of Chanakya, it means that a person with virtues gets respect and a person with disabilities is a partner of iniquity everywhere, so one should always include qualities in life.

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