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Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Birthday Special: Rahul Roy's life is not less than the story of a film, hit, flop, accident and divorce…

There have been very few stars in Bollywood, who started ruling the hearts of people from their first film. 
Rahul Roy is one such star, Rahul is celebrating his birthday today. Rahul's first film was 'Aashiqui'. Rahul's fans say that Mahesh Bhatt made Rahul's career. Rahul Roy became the beat of the country overnight. It is said that after the release of 'Aashiqui', he was seen as a superstar. But his luck did not support him for a long time and he started to flop. But today on the occasion of his birthday, we will know the controversies related to the actor.

Although Rahul was shown a way out of films after the flop, but the actor stepped into the directing world. He also tried in Bhojpuri films but failed. After which he appeared in Big Boss. Where he won the show and he was the winner of season 1. But they say neither luck works according to you and not according to you. Even after winning Bigg Boss, there were no major changes in his life. But that show gave Rahul a different fame. Where he came into the discussion among young people.

Such entry happened in films

Rahul Roy has completed his studies from Delhi. During that time Rahul used to do a lot of modeling in Delhi. Rahul had never even thought about working in films. Rahul comes from a businessman family. Rahul's mother used to write articles. Once, after reading his article, director Mahesh Bhatt came to meet him. Seeing Rahul's picture at home, Bhatt Saheb asked about Rahul. At that time, he was not present at home. After this, Rahul called Mahesh Bhatt.

Rahul called Mahesh, after which he called Rahul's office. On coming to office, he offered Rahul to work in his film 'Aashiqui'. With this, he said that you also learn acting. Rahul learned acting. While shooting for the film Aashiqui, Rahul felt that this film would flop. But when this film became a hit, he could not believe it. Very few people know that this film was the story of Mahesh Bhatt's personal life. Which he showed on the cinema screen.

First Show - Aashiqui

When Mahesh took Rahul to show him a show of this film, the actor became very happy there. Mahesh took Rahul to Mumbai's Metro Cinema. Where it came to know that Rahul has come to see the film here, the crowd became uncontrollable. That day, Rahul came to know that he had become a very big star.

After Mahesh was leaving Rahul home in his car after being fired from this uproar, he told Rahul "Tu to become a star" with this film, Rahul's fortunes changed and the film was in theaters in India for a total of 6 months Housefull went on. As far as their families are concerned, people even tell that a cassette of Aashiqui's songs was sure to be found in every house. People also gave a lot of love to the songs of this film, where today everyone knows the songs of this film closely and also hums them.

Rahul's home phone after 8 months

After the release of the film, Rahul did not get any film offers. The film was super hit. It has been 6 months since the film was running in cinema. But no one was working Rahul got upset and he came to meet Mahesh Bhatt, he said that I have no work. what to do? Similarly, 8 months passed and Rahul remained empty. But suddenly they got simultaneous offers of 60 films. Rahul signed 47 of them in just 11 days. He used to shoot three films in a day. Later, he felt that he had signed too many films.

Due to which he returned up to 21 producers money. After which he acted in films one after the other. The release of films started. Rahul had worked in 'Sapne Saajan Ke', 'Gumrah' and many other big films. He did 25 films during that time. But none worked at the box office.

Love life devastated

Rahul Roy's love life was also disputed. His first affair was with Pooja Bhatt, daughter of Mahesh Bhatt. But the two never accepted their relationship. Manisha Koirala's entry in her life was among Rahul's flop films. The two worked together in the film 'Majdar'. The two started dating each other. But Rahul was very worried about his career. He used to follow Mahesh Bhatt. He used to stay with Bhatt Saheb from morning till evening. He was seen with them in every event.

Tales of love

It is said that Manisha was very serious about her relationship with Rahul. But Rahul used to remember Manisha after midnight, even when Rahul was with Manisha, he used to use Manisha's phone to call Mahesh Bhatt. When Mahesh Bhatt was free, he used to leave Manisha and go to meet her. Manisha did not like all this, she felt that Rahul is ignoring her. After which both ended this relationship.

Case after accident

Rahul's films were not playing, which he had tension, while something happened to him during this time that completely broke him. Rahul was shooting for Jab Jab Dil Mile in Film City. At the same time, he had to drive a jeep. The scene started and when Rahul was driving, he came to know that the brakes of the car have failed. He tried hard to stop the car but a man watching the shooting there came in front of the car. The accident of the car happened and the bones of that man's legs were broken. The man filed a case against Rahul. Rahul was badly trapped after this case.

Image strips

After this accident, people called Rahul as an alcoholic, people said that he had gone drunk on the shooting, due to which this accident happened. At the same time, the producers of the film were afraid of stopping their film due to which they were saved. He did not go to jail but lost respect. After which the time of getting films for him ended. He acted in Bhojpuri films. He also worked in many B and C grade films to remain in work. After which he married the famous model Rajalakshmi Khanvilkar.

Broken marriage

The marriage of Rahul and Rajalakshmi did not go well at all, soon after the marriage, both decided to separate. After which the pair separated. Rahul has now become a producer. Where he invests his money in small big films. But this story is not less than the story of any film.

Battle fought with disease

Recently, during the shooting of the film, Rahul had a brain stroke. Rahul Roy had a brain stroke while shooting for 'LAC: Live the Battle' in Kargil. The film is being produced by Nitin Gupta. Nitin is going to make a film on Rahul's stroke, this news also came out a few days ago. Now Rahul Roy's family has criticized him a lot for this project of Nitin. But now Rahul is at his house and is perfectly fine. Many happy birthday wishes to Rahul from Newztezz

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