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Monday, February 8, 2021

After 59 years, 6 planets will be in this zodiac sign, know what will be the effect on the country and the world

After 59 years, the strange coincidence of planets is coming again in this month of February. 
On the night of February 9, when the Moon enters Capricorn, a Mahasayoga is going to be formed, which is seen in the rare case. For this, it has been told in Medini astrology that when 5 or more planets come in a zodiac sign, then there are many changes in the country and the world. These changes will last a long time. When the planets like Sun, Guru, Saturn, Moon, Mercury and Venus etc. come in one zodiac, conditions like big mass movements can occur. The description of this thing is found in the books of astrological astrology.

7 planets entered Makara in the year 1962

Earlier in the year 1962, in the month of February itself, 7 planets met in Capricorn. Because of this union, the two superpowers America and the then Soviet Russia were in the 'Cuban Missile' crisis and global politics was divided into two parts due to the fighting. This led to a 'cold-war' situation for 10 years. Then later in the month of September 1979, the Islamic revolution in Iran caused the destruction of the Muslim world by coinciding with the 5 planets in Leo, after which Islamic terrorism began to expand in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. Right now the whole world is going through a major crisis due to the devastation caused by the corona virus epidemic and economic downturn due to the sum of 5 planets during the solar eclipse in Sagittarius on 26 December 2019. Now on February 9 from 08:30 to 02:10 in the morning, the meeting of the 6 planets formed in Capricorn can once again indicate major changes in the country and the world.

There is a possibility of crisis in these countries

From the astrological point of view, due to the coincidence of the 6 planets with Capricorn, our neighboring countries China and Pakistan may face some major crisis. The lunar zodiac sign of Pakistan is Gemini, due to which the Mahamilan, which is being built in the eighth house of destruction, can damage the country from a major earthquake. The transit of other planets along with Saturn-Guru in China's birth sign Capricorn will bring problems there due to economic crisis. Due to this, the decrease in the Chinese stock markets will cause problems to the pasowals around the world. Apart from this, there may be some stir in India's stock market too.

There is a possibility of these disasters

In Medini astrology, Capricorn is considered to be affected by water sign and earth element. With the union of Saturn-Guru in Capricorn and the position of the son of Mars in the Aries sign in the center, it creates an earthquake. The Sun and the Moon are making the sum of earthquakes in the new element of the Earth element and the Earth element on the new moon day of February 12. With the effect of this yoga, earthquake tremors can be experienced in Pakistan and North India within 15 days. After the Amavasya of February 12, unusual rains and hail storms are also forming. In North India, hailstorm can ruin crops in some places and snowfall in the hilly region may cause winter to stay for more days. Apart from this, the new Samvat 2078 is going to start from 13 April. In this, both the king and minister are Mars. This will lead to development in the field of communication. In the software, information and technology sector, road transport, There will be unexpected and unprecedented good changes and progress in the field of science. After April 6, 2021, when Guru and Shani will be separated, then there will be some improvement in the current movement.

Modi will also have difficulties

Third, in the horoscope of Prime Minister Modi's horoscope is Capricorn, due to which he will get success in controlling the current problems from his politics. Due to the Corona vaccine, India's credibility will increase in the world. Yoga of India will spread in most countries. Citizens of Indian origin will occupy government positions in other countries.

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