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Sunday, January 17, 2021

Women should not do these five things even after forgetting, it seems sinful, God is angry

In the modern era, both men and women have equal status. 
Today, women are doing many things that men do first. In many areas, women are doing better than men. At the moment this was related to professional work, but even today women cannot do everything in religious work. There are many such tasks which women are forbidden to do. Actually, the scriptures describe some of the tasks that women should not do. If they do this then it is considered inauspicious. These actions are believed to give bad results to women. Today we tell you that according to the weapons which women should not do.

Breaking of coconut is forbidden.
It is believed that the coconut symbolizes Mother Lakshmi and Urvara. For this reason, it is forbidden to break the coconut of women in arms. You must have seen that most men burst coconut. On the other hand, even if there is an auspicious act, women never break coconut.

Wearing janeu
, you would all know that most men wear janeu. The wearing of women is forbidden.

When the deities are sacrificed, only men do this work. In the scriptures, women are not allowed to sacrifice.

You must have known that the touch of the feet of Bajrangbali is that Hanuman ji was Brahmachari. This is why women are not allowed to touch them. But she can definitely worship Bajrangbali from afar. Even in the scriptures, touching of Lord Hanuman is forbidden by women.

Performing Yajna alone Women are not allowed to perform Yajna as the main Yajman alone. Whenever women perform a yajna, it is necessary to have their husband together. This should be kept in mind in other religious works as well. While doing this, it is very important to have a man with them.

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