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Sunday, January 17, 2021

What happens if you don't get a second dose of corona vaccine? The doctors gave this warning

Pune: The first phase of corona vaccination is starting across the country from today. 
Under which two doses of vaccine will be given to those who need to be vaccinated within a period of 30 days. According to top virologists, it is very important to take both doses of the vaccine when people are also curious about why two doses of the vaccine. According to him, the first dose acts as a launchpad in the body, and exposes the immune system to the virus. While the second dose builds up the ability to fight the virus as well as equip the immune system to resist it.

The government is also worried about the fact that many people will not come for the second dose after taking the first dose. In Teva, doctors say that the person taking the first dose should never make the mistake of not taking the second dose. The second dose gives you the ability to fight corona, which lasts longer. Doctors say that most vaccines require two doses. Young children are also given only two doses of the vaccine. In the case of Corona, the second dose will be given on the 29th day after the first dose. The immune system that builds up in the body after the first dose slows down after 28 days, and giving it a second shot at the same time regenerates and lasts longer.

According to Raman Gangakhedkar, a former senior scientist at ICMR, the immunological response to the antigen introduced into the body begins after the first shot is taken. Within three to four weeks of the first shot the body develops IgG and calls for the elimination of the antibody. The second dose that is then given not only enhances the virus specific antibody but also increases the capacity of the T cells, which strengthens the immune system to fight the virus. In addition, the second dose helps to maintain this immunity for a long time.

According to the Pune Serum Institute of India, which produces a vaccine called Covishield, the body develops immunity to corona within four weeks of taking the second dose. Pfizer's vaccine provides 95 percent protection against corona. One study found that the effects did not begin until 12 days after the first shot. The vaccine provides 52 percent protection a few weeks after the first shot, and reaches 95 percent after the second shot. However, the vaccine has not yet been approved in India.

Vaccine researcher Prasad Kulkarni told the Times of India that, to put it simply, the first dose develops up to 100 virus-specific antibodies in the blood, and the second shot raises its level to 700 in four weeks. This means that within two months of taking both shots, the person is protected against Corona. However, even then, in addition to wearing a mask, it is important to wash your hands frequently and keep social distance.

Experts also say that in addition to wearing a mask even after getting vaccinated, one has to have social distance. After two doses of the vaccine, a person is protected against the corona, but scientists have not yet found any concrete evidence as to whether he can spread the corona himself. So, even after complete vaccination, the mask, sanitizer as well as social distance will have to be kept intact for some time.

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