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Sunday, January 10, 2021

Woman did such acts during sex, young man died on the spot

Man has been trying to do something new from the beginning. 
Today it is the result that we have reached this point. Now if we talk about its disadvantage, then it will be a different topic, but many times these people are lost in the world of trying something new so that they have to face its serious consequences. A similar case related to this has come up in Nagpur district of Maharashtra, where a 30-year-old man, during sex with his female partner, did something that cost him his life. 

According to the police, both these lovers were in relationship for the last 5 years. The woman herself was married. The two were together last Thursday night. Both were staying at the lodge. Meanwhile, both of them had made up their mind to do something new during sex, but what did they know that their idea is going to be overshadowed by them. The woman seated her young man in a chair and tied her legs with a rope to create more excitement during sex. Perhaps if the rope of the woman had been up to the young man's feet, she would not have lost her life today, but the woman, in her swell of adventure, not only surrendered the young man's legs to the rope but also tied her neck. His only aim behind all this was to create more romance during sex.

In the meantime, what happened to the female bathroom, it became everything she could never have imagined. Udha, the woman went to the bathroom and here the young man, who was seated on a chair and tied with a rope, fell down. Meanwhile, his throat started to choke, which caused him a lot of breathlessness. By the time, by the time the woman came to the bathroom, the young man had died, because of falling from a chair, he was strangled and had trouble breathing. After this, the woman immediately informed the police about this. The police immediately took the woman into custody and sent the body for postmortem. At the same time, the woman has revealed all these things in the police inquiry. It is known that many people do such activities in order to create more thrill during sex, which they have to pay a heavy price.

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