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Sunday, January 10, 2021

Corona vaccination start in India from 16th January, Know full details in 7 Points

Curiosity about when the corona vaccine will be introduced in India ended on Saturday. 
The government has announced that the corona vaccine will be introduced in the country from January 16. Prime Minister Narendra Modi convened a high-level meeting to review the preparations for the covid vaccine in all the states and union territories. The new voter list for the Lok Sabha and Assembly elections will be used to identify people aged 50 and above as per the guidelines of the Ministry of Health for Covid-19 vaccination. Let us know the details of vaccination in India in these seven issues.

Who will be given the corona vaccine first?

Healthcare and frontline workers have been given priority for the corona vaccine and the number of these employees is around three crore. After giving them the vaccine, the government will give the vaccine to people aged 50 years and above and to people under the age of 50 who already have the disease. Whose number is about 27 crores.

How ready is India for the vaccine?

A three-phase dry run was organized by the government in all the states to test the mechanism for delivery of the vaccine and the challenges of its delivery. The first dry run was held on December 28-29 in eight districts of four states. While the second dry run was held on January 3 in 74 districts. The third dry run was held on Friday at 615 districts and 4895 locations in the Union Territories. Vaccine administrators and those who are to be vaccinated have been trained. 2,360 people participated in the training for trainers held at the national level. These included state immunization officers, cold chain officers, IEC officials and development partners. In addition, more than 61,000 program managers, 2 lakh vaccinators and 3.7 lakh other vaccination team members participated in the training conducted at block, district and state level.

Which vaccines are available in India?

At present, India has approved Oxford-AstraZeneca's CoveShield and Bharat Biotech's Covexin. India approved both vaccines for immediate use on January 3. In addition, seven other vaccines are in the pipeline. Including Zykos Cadillac's Zykov-D chief who was approved for Phase-3 trial. There is also the Russian Sputnik vaccine, which has a tie-up with Dr. Reddy's.

How to register for vaccine?

The government has announced that it will launch an application called Co-WIN for vaccine registration. However, this application is not yet available for public use and is in the pre-product stage. There are data from health officials who are to be vaccinated first. More than 75 lakh health officials have so far registered. So please do not surf any website that asks for your personal details for vaccination or registration and do not download any such app. When the Co-WIN app is launched, it will provide real-time information on the amount of vaccine in the app, its storage temperature and the beneficiaries of the Covid-19 vaccine. This app will help program managers at all levels to create a digital certificate of pre-registered beneficiaries, their verification and successful completion of the vaccine schedule.

In which other countries has the corona vaccine been introduced?

In December 2020, the UK became the first country to introduce the corona vaccine. Then US, Belarus, Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Kuwait, Malta, Malta, , Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland and the UAE.

What documents are required in the registration to get the vaccine?

Documents along with photo will be required at the time of registration: Driving License, Health Insurance Smart Card issued by Ministry of Labor, MGNREGA Job Card, Official ID Cards issued by MPs / MLAs / MLCs, PAN Card issued by Bank or Post Office Passbooks, passports, pension documents, ID cards issued to their employees by the Central and State Governments and public limited companies or even water ID cards.

Does a person who has been coronated need to be vaccinated?

Yes, people who are free of Covid-19 are also advised to take the full dose of the vaccine. Vaccination develops a strong immune response in them to fight corona.

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