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Saturday, January 30, 2021

Winter Morning Walking Can Cause This Serious Damage, Increased Risk Of This Illness

If you are one of those people whose morning starts with a walk and there is no change in your routine 365 days of the year then you need to read this news. 
That's why we're telling you this. This is because morning walks in the winter season, instead of benefiting your health, can be detrimental and can lead to many ailments. According to doctors, especially 
cardiologists , the incidence of heart attack, cardiac arrest and brain stroke is very high during the winter season This is because in the cold season, your heart has to work harder to keep the heat inside the person's body.

The risk of having a heart attack is also greatly increased

Especially people who already have high blood pressure or some kind of heart disease should not go for a walk in the morning in winter at all. This is because doing so increases their risk of angina, chest pain or even a heart attack. This is the reason why doctors advise the elderly and heart patients to be more alert and cautious during the winter season so such people should not go for a morning walk at all.

Polluted air and smog are deadly

That's why we advise you not to go for morning walks in winter. This is because air pollution in winter reaches its peak. Especially the air in Delhi-NCR and surrounding cities is so polluted that it can make you a victim of many diseases. The smog that you see on your fodder before sunrise in the morning is the smoke found in the morning mist or fog. Apart from CO2, it contains fine particles of toxic gases like carbon monoxide, nitrogen, oxides and sulfur oxides. It can also cause diseases like heart disease, lung cancer, COPD. This is the reason why morning walks in such an environment can be fatal to health.

Follow these essential tips when going for a morning walk

  • If you want to go for a walk, you should go for a walk only after 10-11 pm after sunrise instead of walking at 6-7 in the morning.
  • When going for a morning walk, wear warm clothes well and if possible use different layers of clothing instead of a jacket. Doing so will help you avoid getting colds and reduce your risk of heart attack.
  • In winter, even if you feel less thirsty, you need to drink 8 to 10 glasses daily so that there is no dehydration in the body and after returning from the morning walk, drink lukewarm water instead of cold water.
  • Wear scarves, warm hats, gloves, gloves and masks when going for a walk in the morning during the cold season.
  • Constantly inhaling polluted air with smog for a long time can lead to many dangerous diseases. So avoid getting into the smog as much as possible.

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