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Sunday, January 31, 2021

This bank is giving you a chance to get 30 thousand rupees monthly, open an account and make the future better

PNB, the
 country's second largest state-owned bank, is offering National Pension System accounts to its customers. By investing in NPS, you can get rid of future worries and also get many benefits. NPS is a scheme under which you can manage money for old age. It may be recalled that the National Pension System was opened in January 2004 for government employees. Which opened in 2009 to all categories of people.

According to PNB's website, our bank has launched National Pension System through each of our branches . PNB is registered as Point of Present (POP). “All our branches will act as point of present branches to assist individuals for NPS management,” the bank said.

Make the future better

  • Get the benefits of a portable account.
  • Take advantage of customized investments.
  • Take advantage of low-cost structure.
  • Get the option to invest until age 70.

There are two types of accounts

There are two types of accounts in NPS. First Tier-I and Second Tier-II. Tier-I is a retirement account. Which must be opened for every government employee. Tier-II then has a voluntary account. In which any wage earner can start investing on his own. And can withdraw money at any time. The minimum age limit for investment in NPS is 18 years. When the maximum age is 60 years.

In this way you will get 30 thousand rupees per month

Monthly investment in NPS - Rs. 5,000

Total contribution in 30 years - Rs. 18 lakhs

Estimated return on investment - 10%

Total amount on maturity - Rs. 1.13 crore

Purchase of annuity - 40%

Estimated Annuity Rate - 8%

60% of tax free withdrawal-maturity amount

Pension at the age of 60 - Rs. 30,391 per month

Lump sum cash - Rs. 68.37 lakhs

Here the calculation is done on buying an annuity with 40% amount on NPS calculator. 40% annuity must be purchased.

This is how to open an e-NPS account

To open an NPS account, first login to the official website of PNB. Click on the New Registration link on the online subscriber registration page. Enter your Virtual ID number and receive OTP to the registered number. Fill in personal information by generating an acknowledgment number. After filling in the information, get the PRAN number and login.

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