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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Mental Health Needs Human Touch, Know What The Benefits Of Hugging Are

Your first 
reaction when you meet friends is to hug them. Not only that, it is common to get hands on in the office. Do you know how many benefits you get when you do this? research has found that, in respect of affection such as holding hands, can hug hugs, low blood pressure, heart beetroot apart. Which makes it possible to diagnose many heart-related problems. We not only do this with our partner, but also with those whom you consider close to your heart. Doing so not only increases the closeness between the two of you. It is also beneficial in mental health. So let's find out how just touching the skin can improve mental health.

Reduces mental stress

If you are upset, surrounded by a problem and someone close to you hugs you, you will find that you are feeling the best. Robin Dunbar, a professor of psychology at the University of Oxford, says that a sore throat not only reduces stress but also improves mental health. So don't forget to hug the next time you see someone close.

Happiness increases

When someone hugs you, the levels of the oxytocin hormone present in your body increase. People who feel good about being around us. When they are with people, the hormone oxytocin is released and our mood stays good. Hugging controls the body's cortisol levels. Which causes the release of a hormone called oxytocin. Also called love hormone. This has a positive effect on our entire practice. With the release of the body's oxytocin we become more total and relaxed and stress free.

Makes the heart stronger

Inevitably when we hug a person we feel strong. In doing so we cannot find ourselves alone. Scientists have also found that swallowing is very important for a healthy heart. The psychiatrist at University College London is a professor of neuroscience. Katarina Photopaulu also believes this. In fact, when one of your hands is holding or swallowing, you can feel the blade pressure level and heart beat in your own way. This is very necessary for a healthy heart for the human body. Not only that, doing so also reduces the risk of heart attack.

Eliminates loneliness

If there is one thing that people have had the most trouble with during the Corona epidemic, it is to keep a physical distance with the grandchildren. In fact, doctors believe that the structure of the human body is such that it needs someone very close to it at all times. This Nature has been bringing it out ever since man lived inside the mother's womb. Keeping a distance from oneself influences him mentally.

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