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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Bathing Tips: adopt these methods while bathing, your body will get many benefits

Bathing is very important for our body. 
Bathing not only cleanses our body, but we also feel refreshed by it. But if you mix some things in the water at the time of bathing, then it gives great benefit to your skin and also reduces your fatigue. Let us tell you those things which if mixed with water, bathing will make you feel more refreshed and your day will be made.

rose water

By adding rose water to bath water, it makes the body feel refreshed. At the same time, it also removes the smell of sweat coming out of your body. If you want glowing and unblemished skin, then adding rose water in water is very beneficial.

Baking soda

The use of baking soda in bath water helps in removing the toxic elements from the body. Take a bath by adding four spoons of baking soda to the bath water. This will eliminate your fatigue.

neem leaves

If you take a bath after mixing neem leaves in water, then you will feel refreshed. Along with removing your fatigue, it is effective in removing problems related to your skin. Therefore, at the time of bathing, boil at least 8 to 10 leaves in water and filter this water. It also reduces the swelling of your body.

Alum and rock salt

These two things have many medicinal properties, but many people are unaware of it. If you mix a little alum and a little rock salt in the bathing water, it keeps your blood circulation right and also removes the tiredness of your body. Apart from these, it is also helpful in doing pain in your muscles.


Put camphor in bath water and use it. This will greatly benefit your body. For this, mix 2 to 3 pieces of camphor in bath water. It also reduces body and head pain.

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