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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

If you have also taken health insurance, keep these 5 things in mind, otherwise you will be blown away

Awareness for health insurance has increased among the people after the Koro crisis. 
The importance of health insurance is now greater than ever before due to expensive treatment in private hospitals. Health insurance only reduces the burden on one's pocket and provides a good treatment without worrying about money. However due to some mistake and lack of information your health insurance claim can be canceled. Before taking out insurance it is important to know that there is a reason to do so if the insurance claim is denied by the insurance company. We show you 5 reasons why your claim can be dismissed.

Rent of 1 expensive room

If you have taken health insurance from a company. And under that company policy you can get a room up to Rs 3000 on admission to the hospital but if you have a room for Rs 4000 the company will not pay this amount at the time of settlement. Cancel your claim and pay less. You will have to pay the additional cost yourself.

2 More cost of treatment

Many private hospitals charge a lot more in this time of crisis in Corona. The insurance company refuses to settle if someone charges you more for treatment in a hospital. The insurance company will pay at the rate set by the General Insurance Council. In this case you can cancel your claim or pay after the stipulated amount.

3 hospitalized for 24 hours

In most health insurance, the cost of treatment is borne only after 24 hours of hospitalization. If you are infected with corona and are being treated in isolation at home, the insurance company may refuse to settle. However, some insurance policies also provide for the payment of claims on treatment from home.

4 Claim before the waiting period

Health insurance usually has a two-move waiting period for the treatment of a pre-existing illness. That is, you claim the cost of treating an illness that has been going on for 2 or 4 years already. Corona's policy also has a 15-day waiting period. The insurance company can cancel its claim if it claims earlier.

5 Not giving correct information

The biggest reason to reject a health insurance claim is to give false information to the insured. If you already have an illness or an illness that has been going on in the family for generations, it is important to inform them when buying health insurance. Knowing this, the insurance company understands the risk to your health and can determine the correct premium.

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