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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Mahesh Bhatt left Parveen Babi at midnight, actress death was very painful

Today is the death anniversary of famous actress Parveen Babi of the 70s. 
He gave many great films in his career. She was one of the most expensive actresses of Bollywood between 1976 and 80. The death of such a famous actress was so painful, it was very surprising to know people. People received the news of his death two days later. He died on 20 January 2005, but his body was removed from his flat on 22 January. It has not been disclosed till date whether Parveen Babi had committed suicide or had died.

It is said that she was as lonely in Bollywood as she was in her life. But she remained in the headlines for her love life. According to media reports, apart from Mahesh Bhatt, he was also with Danny and Kabir Bedi. But his love story with Mahesh Bhatt had a very painful ending.

Parveen was at the peak of her career when she fell in love with Mahesh Bhatt. Before Mahesh Bhatt, he had an affair with Kabir Bedi. She then fell in love with Mahesh Bhatt but Mahesh was already married. But Mahesh left his wife and moved to live with Parveen. At that time, Parveen was busy shooting for the films 'Amar-Akbar-Anthony' and 'Kaala Patthar'.

According to the information received, Parveen lived at home like a simple girl for Mahesh. It was two years of relationship between them. In 1979, Mahesh Bhatt revealed a truth that blew his senses. One day when Mahesh returned home, he saw that Parveen is sitting in a corner of the house wearing a film costume, she had a knife in her hand. On seeing Mahesh, Parveen gestured to her to keep quiet.

Parveen said, 'Don't talk, there is someone in the room. 
They are trying to kill me. ' It is said that for the first time Parveen did something that Mahesh was very badly scared. He had never seen this form of Parveen before. Then Parveen often started doing such activities. Doctors told him that he has a mental illness called schizophrenia. At that time, Parveen was doing many films. The directors also started to fear the film being stalled.

After which Mahesh Bhatt got him treated by good doctors. Doctors had told that they would have to be given electric shock to fix it. But Mahesh Bhatt was not allowed to give electric shock to Parveen. During this, Parveen's ex-boyfriends Kabir Bedi and Danny also assisted Mahesh Bhatt.

But Parveen feared that someone wanted to kill him. After some time, Parveen began to feel that there was a bomb in his car, she was afraid of the sound of AC. He even began to consider Amitabh Bachchan as a threat to kill him. They thought that Amitabh wanted to kill them. After which he was kept locked in the room. He was also kept in the eyes of the media and public.

After which Parveen had gained a lot of weight and she had also lost her beauty. After which the doctors had no option but to give them electric shock. At the same time, Mahesh was also accused that Mahesh used Parveen. He used Parveen's stardom and status to his advantage and now he does not want to let them recover.

Parveen's condition was very critical. Parveen had also stopped eating medicines. Due to such condition of Parveen, Mahesh also had to eat and drink mixed medicine in drinks. After which Mahesh Bhatt moved Parveen away from Mumbai to Bengaluru. Mahesh wanted that if Parveen stays in a different environment then she will stay away from stress. They thought that maybe the new environment would fix them.

But Parveen's condition kept getting worse day by day and later Mahesh left Parveen there and returned to his wife Lorraine. Doctors had told that due to Mahesh's stay, Parveen's condition is worse. So it was good to stay away from them. Mahesh then started writing the film 'Earth', which was the truth of his life. Parveen returned to Mumbai after undergoing treatment.

But Parveen's doctors did not want Mahesh to be around Parveen too. But Parveen was not ready to leave Mahesh. But Mahesh wanted him to be treated better. One night Parveen told Mahesh that he should choose one of them and his doctor. According to Mahesh Bhatt, 'Seeing this condition of Parveen, I understood that now our relationship has come to an end.' After which Mahesh left Parveen's house in the middle of the night. Parveen wanted to stop them, she ran on the street in half clothes, but Mahesh did not stop. Mahesh had gone away from his home and life. That is why it is said that Parveen, who lives a life of glamor, passed through darkness, loneliness and tension in the last time.

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