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Thursday, January 28, 2021

Itching in these body part can be a symptom of this serious disease, know how to prevent it

According to one study, about 25% of people 
suffer from 
fatty liver problems. This disease is caused by bad eating habits. In this disease there is an increase in the amount of excess or unwanted fat in the liver cells which leads to inflammation in the liver. This inflammatory action causes the tissues of the liver to harden. There are usually two types of fatty liver. The first is alcoholic fatty liver and the second is non-alcoholic fatty liver, which is caused by drinking alcohol. That's where non-alcoholic fatty liver disease occurs when the amount of fat in our liver is too high.

The disease acts as a silent killer. Because the symptoms do not come immediately. Early signs of the disease are found on the abdomen and skin.

This change comes on the skin

Early symptoms of fatty liver include some changes in the skin. Doctors believe that itching or yellowing of the skin is a symptom of fatty liver. In addition, in case of fatty liver problems, the color of the patient's palm turns red. The whole yellowing there is a sign that the liver is not healthy.

Stomach related problems occur

Patients with fatty liver have difficulty digesting food. This causes swelling in the abdomen, pain in the upper left side of the ant. See a doctor immediately if this problem occurs in people's body. In addition, sudden weight loss, fatigue, and weakness are common symptoms. Seeing these signs, a person is diagnosed with fatty liver disease. There, in some cases the doctor diagnoses the disease through tests.

This is how to prevent illness

People who have fatty liver problems should eat less refined carbohydrates, salt and sugar. At the same time, eating fiber-rich foods clears the liver. Patients with fatty liver should include pulses, soapy cereals, lentils and legumes in their diet. It is believed that drinking green tea on an empty stomach every morning reduces the fat accumulated on the liver.

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