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Thursday, January 28, 2021

Drinking too much milk can lead to these serious illness!- Research

Milk intake is considered to be very good for our health. 
Milk contains many nutrients including calcium, protein, vitamin D, potassium. Milk is always associated with good health, strength and physical development. Milk also strengthens bones. It is also believed.

However, researchers think differently. He believes that it is not right to look at milk as a super food. He believes that drinking milk is a good thing for the body. But too much milk is also harmful to the body.

"Dairy products do not contain any unique nutrients that are not found in anything else," said Christopher Gardner, a professor at the Stanford Prevention Research Center in the United States and a nutritionist researcher. It is true that calcium is easily obtained through milk. However, there are a number of other things from which calcium is found.

According to a study published in a medical research paper, milk is not a magic pill for strong bones. Even in the countries where milk is consumed the most, there are cases of the factor! Other things besides milk also strengthen the bones.

Research has shown that there is a risk of bone fractures as the length increases. The researcher says that milk contains all kinds of nutrients, but these same elements can also be found in other things.

Some people also have milk allergies. Also called lactose intolerance. Such people cannot digest the lactose found in dairy products. And drinking milk can cause problems like bloating or abdominal pain.

One study found that about 65 percent of people worldwide suffer from lactose intolerance. Lactose free milk is also available in the market. But experts also advise such people to include soy products and other sources of calcium in their diet, such as orange juice, tofu and green leafy vegetables.

Milk and diseases-

According to health experts, too much milk can lead to serious illnesses. One should be very careful especially when drinking cow's milk.

Authors Willett and Ludwig, in their research, cite excessive consumption of dairy products as an increased risk of prostate cancer in men and andrometrial cancer in women. However, more research remains to be done.

Heart disease and blood pressure

Flower cream milk is high in saturated fat and sodium. Both of these things are not good for the heart and blood pressure. Researchers recommend drinking low fat milk and replenishing other nutrients from other foods.

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