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Friday, January 29, 2021

If you have a bike you can make money, quickly Know how

You must have noticed that now you 
can book a 
bike from Ola just like a car You can easily travel cheaply if you are alone. Now the demand for bike riders is increasing and many people are earning good money by pairing their bikes with Ola If you have a bike and know how to ride a bike, then you can pair your bike with Ola. You can earn good money from it.

In fact, now the number of customers for bike trips has also increased, which is why there is no shortage of customers. If you want to make money by pairing a bike with Ola, then you can start your work without investing anything. Many are also earning part-time money from this. Let us know how the bike can be paired with Ola.

What is the way to attach the bike ?

Ola has created a website partners.olacabs.com for those who want to do business with them. Through this website, you can find information about connecting cars, taxis. Also, you can apply through this website. The company has provided complete information to attach with Ola on its website. With this, you can delete the request to attach your bike.

In fact, Ola has not yet provided many direct links for bikes and e-rickshaws. For this, you have to first submit your query, then the company officials will talk to you. The application link is provided directly for the car, but there is a separate process for applying for the bike. For this, go to Sabse Ola's official website. There is no direct link to the bike in this website, so submit your query and click on the option.

What is the process ?

After selecting the option to submit a query on the website, a form will open, which you will have to fill out. In this, you have to choose e-rickshaw or bike and write to attach the bike. Form online, along with providing your details. After this, you will be contacted by Ola and you can easily ride a bike in it. Also, if you have a good position, you can make good money.

What papers will be required?

This requires Honor PAN Card, Cancel Check or Passbook, Aadhaar Card, Address Proof. In addition, RC of the vehicle, vehicle permit, vehicle insurance will also have to be given. In addition, driver's documents must be provided. The driver will have to provide proof of driving license, Aadhaar card and address in the form of his documents.

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