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Friday, January 15, 2021

IAS Interviews Questions: Which country only has a 40 minute night?

IAS Interviews Questions:
 Friends, IAS interview questions are very much discussed. It is said that anything can be asked from the candidates here. Good sweat is missed in passing these exams. But what is the fear if preparations are made well. UPSC interview preparation should also be done very well. That is why we are telling some tricky questions and their answers today. After the preliminary examination of Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) Civil Services 2021, the candidates are engaged in preparing for the mains. Interviews will start after getting success in it. Civil Services Exam 2020 (Civil Services Exam 2021) Personality Test i.e. Interview

(IAS Interview) is very difficult for which students have to work separately. Apart from knowledge, more brainstorming is done here. People who are preparing for UP SC should also put an idea to these questions that after all, how can the answer to a seemingly trivial question not be so easy?


1. Why is there no war on railway tracks?
2. Which room is there no window nor door?
3. Which is the question that can never be answered yes?
4. Which part of human body can produce electricity?
5. How many gears are there in a train.
6. What are the things that you can give to someone at one time as well as keep them with you.
7. What is the thing that women buy only once a year.
8. If you are at home and if someone removes the sidhi from below, then what case will you file on it
9. What is the easiest way to double the money?
10. Which country only has a 40-minute night?

Answer: -

1. Due to constant friction.
2. Hearing the question, people quickly say bathroom but the correct answer is- mushroom.
3. Are you asleep?
4. The brain can produce 12 to 15 watts of power
5. 32 gears
6. Juban
7. Rakhi
8. Case will be registered under Rongful Consignment.
9. Put the money in front of the mirror and you will see double.
10. In Norway there is only a 40-minute night. Hence it is called country of midnight sun.

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