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Friday, January 29, 2021

IAS Interview Question: Which Indian state has the highest number of girls?

The IAS interview must be passed before being selected in the civil service. Her questions are always under discussion. Candidates who reach the interview after crossing the mountain of UPSC Pre and Mains can be asked anything. The good and the good get worse in passing it. Therefore, preparation for the Indian Administrative Service interview should also be done very well.

In-depth check of IQ level

There is no short cut to passing in the revelation of the civil service. The Union Public Service Commission should also prepare well for the interview. After the commencement examination of UPSC, the candidate starts preparing for the mains. In which he is interviewed after the trip.

Learn the answers to difficult questions

In the Civil Service Exam, in addition to the general knowledge of the participant in the personality test, the brain is examined. In this, the student preparing for civil should understand how the answers to the seemingly simple question are not so simple. That is why today we will answer some difficult questions.

Question 1. How can you write 23 using only 2?

Answer: 22 + 2/2

Question 2. If a farmer has a few chickens and goats, if all these have a total of 90 heads and 224 feet, what will be the number of goats?

Answer: There are 22 goats

Question 3. What is the name of the temple which disappears twice in a row in a day?

Ans: Shri Stambheshwar Mahadev Temple

Question 4. Who is the shopkeeper who also takes goods from you and takes money?

Ans: Barber

Question 5. How do you keep a raw egg on a solid surface so that it does not break?

Ans: You can lay eggs in any way that the solid surface does not break due to falling eggs.  

Question 6. If a woman has 9 children out of which half are boys and half are girls, how can this be?

Answer: 1 woman and 9 children, a total of 10 people. Half of them are 5 boys and 5 girls.

Question 7. Which Indian state has the longest girls?

Answer: To this question one candidate replied that in general girls from Punjab are the tallest. One research found that girls in Jammu and Kashmir were the longest. When the females reach 154 cm. May be more than. The girls from Haryana came second and the girls from Punjab and Rajasthan came third. This response surprised even the senior officers present.

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