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Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Does applying hair color make your hair look bad? So adopt this hair mask, will the benefit

Hair coloring has 
become a fashion 
trend these days Girls in particular have a craze for it. Girls spend a lot of money on coloring their hair. For a few days, the hair looks very beautiful, but gradually its side effects begin to appear. As long as you know about these side effects, the hair becomes very weak and lifeless.

Corona is affecting women's periods after recovery

These are the side effects

  • If you use hair color too often, it can damage your hair. Its growth can also be stopped. At the same time, the hair can be broken and thinned.
  • All the chemicals used in hair color have a bad effect on your eyes. This can make your eyesight very poor. Excessive consumption also causes some people to forget.
  • People who have asthma. Hair color can cause a lot of problems for them. Hair color contains all the chemicals that cause breathing problems and increase the risk of asthma attacks.
  • All of these people who use hair dye in their hair also have an increased risk of cancer. If you are experiencing any slight allergies while experimenting with the dye or color, stop the experiment immediately.

Natural hair mask will work for damaged hair

If your hair is also damaged and weakened by hair color, then you can prepare the best hair mask from some things present at home. This mask will optimize your hair growth as well as hair quality.

This is how to make a mask

For this hair pack, take three teaspoons of aloe vera, two teaspoons of castor oil, four teaspoons of olive oil, one banana, four teaspoons of yogurt and egg yolk and mix well. Mix the bananas pc with the yogurt. Then apply this mask on the hair and leave it on for a while. Wash the hair after some time. If the hair is more damaged, do it twice a week. This will give you the best result.

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