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Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Change these 4 Settings as soon as you buy a new Android phone, you will always benefit

The new
 year has arrived and if you have bought a new phone or are thinking of buying one, there are some things to keep in mind. Shortly after getting a new phone we focus on a few of its items, including a Scream Guard. We fix it on the phone as soon as possible so that there are no scratches on the display. We are worried about the display of the new phone but there are also many settings of the phone which are very necessary for the new phone. Let us tell you which settings in the new phone will make many of your tasks easier.

Make it secure

Security is essential for any phone. As soon as we pick up the phone, we realize its security. So when you buy a phone, you need to adopt some ways to secure it. You can use it in any way like fingerprint, password, pattern lock and face recognition.

Keep an eye on the widget

Some Widgets are already installed in your phone when buying a new phone. These Epson and widgets consume the phone's battery. So delete what you don't need in downloaded widgets.

Device Manager is required

If you have bought a new phone, download the Device manager app. This is an app that is a must have in every Android phone. The location can be known if the phone is lost through this app. It has the facility to ring as well as lock it.

Customize Wallpaper will make the job easier

Customize your home screen as soon as you buy the phone. Adjust wallpaper, color, icons to your liking. Set up some apps that you use frequently or more on your home screen to make it easier to operate the phone.

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