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Sunday, January 10, 2021

Do not do these seven things on Sunday, otherwise you may have to bear the loss

To get good health and fast, you should keep fast on Sunday. 
First trend of the week is considered to be on Monday as the name of the holiday is declared on Sunday. In the true sense, Sunday is the first week of the week. Let us know which of those 4 things should not be done on Sunday. If you do all these things then you may have to bear the loss.

Don't do it

1. On Sunday, you should not travel in the west and in the wavy direction. If in spite of this you have to travel in this direction, then go in this direction by eating porridge, ghee or paan on Sunday, or after walking five steps before it, because on this day, especially in the west direction, shool remains.

2. It should be avoided to sell items made of copper on this day. Apart from copper, other metals or objects related to the Sun should also not be sold.

3. On this day, do not wear black, blue, brown and gray clothes. Do not wear clothes similar to black or blue.

4. Salt should not be eaten on Sunday. This affects health and obstructs your every task. Especially after sunset, salt should not be eaten.

5. Coitus in the day on Sunday and consuming meat and liquor on this day can be inauspicious for you. Substances related to Saturn should not be consumed on this day.

6. Most people get their hair cut on Sunday, but it is believed that on this day your sun gets weakened by a haircut.

7. Oil should not be massaged on this day as it is the day of the sun and the oil is from Saturn.

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