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Sunday, January 10, 2021

Worship Lord Surya on Sunday, by doing these measures on this day all the work will be completed

Sunday is dedicated to the Sun God. 
If you have many desires and desires, then you can fast on Sunday. This is because the fast of Sun God is considered to be the best fast. By observing this fast, happiness and peace will come in your home. Along with this, in the mythological texts, the special importance of Sun's Ardhadaan has been told. Everyday you should take water in a copper lotus in the morning and put red flowers and intact in it and chant the mantra of Lord Surya with a happy heart. By doing this, Lord Surya is pleased and gives your age, health, wealth, son, friend, glory, fame, knowledge, wealth and good fortune.

Follow these rules in worship of Lord Surya

bath before sunrise every day , after bathing, pay obeisance to Lord Surya thrice and pay obeisance
to Surya again in the evening and pay obeisance to
the mantras of Surya Dev, do
regular recitation of Aditya heart
, wish for good health , To avoid eye disease and to protect from blindness, 'Netropanishad' should be recited daily
, oil and salt should not be eaten on Sunday. Should be eaten on time

Although there are many mantras to worship the Sun God, but by worshiping Lord Surya with this rare mantra taken from the 'Rashtravardhan' Sukta, you will get special benefit. This mantra is-

'Udasou Suryo Agadudidam Mamakam Vacha:.
As a matter of fact, the enemy.
Saptnaxayano Vrishabhirashtro toxin.
Ashabheshanam Veeranam Virajani Jansya f.

This mantra means that, the sun has gone up, this mantra of mine has also gone up so that I can become the enemy's slayer. To destroy the opponent, fulfill the will of the people, become the conqueror and conqueror of the nation, so that I can become the ruler of the enemies of the enemy side and myself and the peoples.

Do these remedies on sunday

Wear saffron colored clothes
and worship Sun God. If possible, keep Sunday fast.
Donate jaggery, red flowers, copper, wheat etc. to the Sun God.
Wear manikya to strengthen your sun.
Wear the bell root.
Wear a single Rudraksha.

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