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Thursday, January 28, 2021

Are you also bothered by thyroid? You will get relief by trying these remedies

Thyroid has 
become a very 
common disease in women nowadays . The disease affects most women. According to the survey, women are three times more likely to suffer from thyroid than men. Having a thyroid can lead to many problems in women.

Due to thyroid (Thyroid Side Effects), women start gaining weight fast, then sometimes there is sudden loss (Thyroid Symptoms). Also, they seem to have problems with periods and pregnancy. Thyroid prey is forced to live by drug use. The thyroid is also called the silent killer because it is the root cause of many other diseases.

Remove thyroid from Ayurvedic treatment

People who have more anxiety, depression or iodine deficiency have the highest risk of developing thyroid. Sometimes the risk of getting this disease is also due to the side effects of medicines (Medicine Side Effects) or because someone in the family already has thyroid. Learn Ayurvedic home remedies, which can relieve you from thyroid.

1. The thyroid patient should eat one teaspoon of flaxseed powder daily. It relieves thyroid.

2. Consumption of coriander water in thyroid is an amulet cure. Soak the coriander in water in a copper pot in the evening. In the morning, strain the coriander and drink it.

3. Patients with thyroid should take 10 grams of amla powder in a teaspoon of honey on an empty stomach in the morning. Even after two hours on the ground at night, add 10 grams of amla powder in a teaspoon of honey and eat. By doing this every day, you will see benefits in 15-20 days.

4. A thyroid patient should take milk and yogurt daily. It contains vitamins, calcium and minerals, which help control the thyroid.

5. Patients with thyroid should use more ginger, garlic, white onion, mulatto and cinnamon in their meals.

Thyroid patients should not eat these items

1. Soy products should not be used by thyroid patients. This can increase the risk of thyroid problems.

2. Patients with this disease should not eat oily, spicy and high calorie items.

3. Swallowing increases thyroid, so do not consume anything swallowed.

4. Patients with thyroid should never eat broccoli and refined foods.

5. Thyroid patients should also not eat sea food and red meat.

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