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Monday, December 7, 2020

You will be surprised to know these 7 benefits of drinking beer

People all over the world have been drinking beer for the last several thousand years. 
Beer is a very popular drink made by fermenting many grains, along with yeast, hops and other things. Beer usually contains 4-6% alcohol, but it can also be up to 0.5–40%.

According to a research, consuming limited amounts of alcohol can lead to health benefits. But drinking a lot of alcohol is bound to damage health. There is usually confusion among people about the benefits of beer , which we are going to remove today through this article.

Benefits of Beer

1. Beer is more nutritious than other alcoholic drinks -

We have heard a lot about the amount of antioxidants in wine, but the antioxidants used to make beer are different because the flavonoids found in barley and hops are different from grapes. Beer has more protein and vitamin B than wine. Not only this, beer also contains iron, calcium, phosphate and even fiber.

2. Without operation kidney stone will disappear -

Talking about the benefits of beer and kidney stone cannot be mentioned. It is believed that if you have a stone in your kidney, then drinking one beer every day will slowly pass the stone through urine. In a research conducted in Finland, it has been found that drinking one beer daily reduces the risk of kidney stone.

3. Beer is a cleansing agent for the heart

When cholesterol and other smooth things settle down on the arteries of the heart, consuming dark or strong beer greatly reduces the risk of heart attack. This was revealed in a research conducted at a university in Pennsylvania, USA.

4. A beer that refreshes the brain -

Drinking beer speeds up blood circulation in the brain, making you feel refreshed. Also, drinking beer also reduces the risk of stroke. People usually have a stroke when a blood clot is formed in the brain and it stops the blood and oxygen in the brain. Drinking beer makes the blood vessels in the brain become flexible and blood circulation becomes faster. This greatly reduces the risk of stroke.

5. There will be life in bones, then you will become strong -

Beer contains a lot of silicon. Silicon helps bones to grow. A research suggests that if you drink a limited amount, ie, one to two beers a day, the chances of fracture in your bones are much less. But, if you drink more beer than this, the risk of bone fracture also increases.

6. Beer to protect against diabetes

Diabetes is a very fast growing disease, which slowly weakens the body. According to a research conducted in Howard, if people who are moving towards old age drink 1-2 beers every day, then the probability of having type-2 diabetes is reduced by 25 percent. Alcohol in beer increases insulin sensitivity in the body, which helps prevent diabetes.

7. Beer will drive away the disease of sleep -

If you stay awake and do not sleep, then the doctor will also advise you to drink beer (Beer Ke Fayde). Actually beer is a natural nightcap. Nightcap means something to drink after eating or before going to bed. Another reason is that drinking beer makes dopamine run faster in the brain. Dopamine acts to relax the body.

However has its disadvantages as well. Consuming too much beer can cause diseases like cirrhosis, fetal alcohol syndrome, high blood pressure, malnutrition and pancreatitis. It also increases the risk of cancer. Therefore, before drinking beer in any disease, discuss with your doctor about your medical history and daily routine and consider it to be consumed in small quantities.

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