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Monday, December 7, 2020

Beware: Consuming juice can be harmful for your health, know shocking reasons

People usually drink juice is considered very beneficial for the body. 
Juices are a major part of people's diet. By taking a glass of juice daily, people feel that the deficiency of nutrients in their body is complete. But actually it is not so, juices considered to be a repository of various vitamins and minerals can actually be harmful to the body. Today, in this article, we are going to tell you about the various damage caused by juice to the body (Juice Ke Nuksan).

Let's know the harm caused by juice 

According to a report by ABP News, a research has revealed that after extracting the juices of fruits and vegetables, the healthy fibers present in them are eliminated. This can cause heavy damage to your stomach. Along with the damage to the stomach health, juice can cause many other types of damage to your body. So, let us come to know about Juice Ke Nuksan.

Juice can harm your body in this way

Damage to the stomach due to the intake of juice

Let me tell you that compared to raw fruits and vegetables, the amount of fiber in their juice is found quite low. As a result, the level of metabolism in the body decreases significantly. The fiber found in raw fruits and vegetables is very helpful in digestion of the stomach and the good bacteria found in it are also considered very beneficial for the stomach. But taking juice does not provide these benefits to the stomach, infact juice can also cause constipation, weight gain, fatigue and vomiting. Conversely, if you eat fruits and vegetables daily then it will prove to be very good for your stomach.

Drinking juice does not provide antioxidants

The highest amount of antioxidants is found in fruits and vegetables. Antioxidants are helpful in reducing inflammation from the body and controlling the levels of various enzymes. But when you drink juices of packaged fruits and vegetables found in the market, then your body does not get the necessary antioxidants. Although you do get some amount of antioxidants in freshly extracted juice, it does not have a significant effect on the body due to the reduced quantity. On the contrary, if you eat fresh fruits and vegetables, then your body gets a lot of antioxidants.

Juice works to increase blood sugar level

The sugar present in the fruit is not considered harmful for your body. But when you drink the juice of the same fruit, the natural sugar in it can also increase your calories. Therefore, for a good health, drinking juice should be ignored, otherwise it can increase the blood sugar level. Before drinking any juice, check the amount of sugar and calories in it.

So these were some special damage to the body caused by drinking juice (Juice Ke Nuksan). But there is a way that juices can be beneficial for you. Remove fresh fruit juice at home and also mix the pulp present in it. Due to this, the amount of fiber in the juice will also be maintained and the body will also benefit.

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