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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Wearing a bra for 24 hours can be very dangerous, know the side effects

Even if you are wearing a very good dress, but if your inner-wear size is not and you are not comfortable in it, even your best dress will look lazy. 
It is very important that the size of your bra is the same as your figure.

Girls generally think that wearing a small cup size bra keeps breasts tight for a long time. Other than that they think that it is necessary to wear a bra all day for a good figure, but you will be surprised to know that both these things are completely wrong. You may not know, but wearing a bra 24 hours a day can be dangerous. Have you ever wondered how it affects your health?

Wearing a bra for 24 hours makes the skin unable to breathe and also causes many health problems. Try taking off your bra when you come in or out of the office. You will feel relieved yourself. Wearing a bra all day also causes skin blemishes.

These are the side-effects of wearing a bra for 24 hours

Breast pen

Women who wear bras during the day often complain of breast pain. Especially those women who don’t wear the right size bra.

Blood circulation is affected

Wearing a bra for 24 hours also affects blood circulation. There is often a risk of damage to the breast tissue due to the bra being too tight.

Back pain

If you have frequent back pain, your bra may be the cause. If you wear a bra for 24 hours, then you may complain of back pain. Especially those women who wear small size and tight bras.

Skin irritation

Wearing a bra for 24 hours can cause you skin irritation. Sometimes itching, sometimes inflammation, sometimes discomfort are its symptoms.


Women who wear bras 24 hours a day are at risk of developing hyperpigmentation problems.

Fungal outbreaks

Wearing a bra maintains moisture all the time. There is a risk of fungal outbreaks.

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