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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Keep in mind these tips: It is dangerous to take a bath with hot water in cold season, you do not make these 10 mistakes

As the weather changes, so do our bodies. 
In the cold season, we need to have a good immune system to strengthen our immune system and prevent flu and infections. Despite knowing all this, people are compromising their health. So let us know that even in the cold season we make many mistakes unknowingly.

Take a warm bath for a long time.

Experts say that bathing in hot water late in the cold season is not a good idea. It affects both our body and our brain. In fact, hot water damages skin cells called keratin. Which increases the problem of itching and rashes in the skin.

Excessive clothing-

It is a good idea to keep warm during the cold season. But excessive clothing should be avoided. Doing so makes your body prone to overheating. In fact, our immune system produces white blood cells. Which protects us from infections and diseases. When the body is overheated, the immune system cannot do its job.


Our diet also tends to increase during the cold season. And without worrying about the body, we eat as much as we like. In fact the body consumes more calories compared to the cold. We can compensate for this with hot chocolate or extra calorie food. When we feel hungry at such times, we should only use more fiber-rich vegetables or fruits.


It is a good idea to keep your body warm with tea and coffee during the cold season. But you are forgetting that too much caffeine is harmful to the body. You should not drink more than 2 or 3 cups of coffee during the day.

Drink less water-

People feel less thirsty in the cold. But that doesn't mean the body needs less water in the cold. Water in urination, digestion and sweat is excreted from the body. Then not drinking water at such times can lead to body dehydration. Which can lead to kidney and digestion problems.

What to do before going to bed-

Research shows that it is important to wear gloves before going to bed at night. This recipe is good for improving sleep quality.

Bedtime routine-

In this season the days are shorter and the nights are longer. At such times our daily routine is also disturbed. And also increases the production of the hormone metallinin in the body. Which causes drowsiness even during the day. Then make sure that you get a good night's sleep at such a time.

Avoid going out-

During the cold season, most people stop going out to escape the cold. Doing so is heavy for the body. Stumbling at home impairs our physical activity. Obesity increases. Vitamin D deficiency is also caused by the sun's rays.


People stay in bed because of the low temperature in the cold. Physical activity becomes zero. Which causes our immune system to become sluggish. That is why cycling, walking and workout should be started instead of staying in bed.


People often suffer from coughs, colds and fevers during this season. At such a time, self-medication without a doctor's examination will prove fatal. Which can have symptoms of any serious illness. That is why it is important to consult a doctor before adopting any medicine or prescription.

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