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Sunday, December 20, 2020

Wearing a bra 24 hours can cause a lot of problems, identify these 8 dangers today

If you also wear a bra all day, then a lot of problems can occur. 
Often you will also get angry, why wear a bra. Wearing a bra all day causes constriction on the breasts, and also stops blood circulation.

That's why many doctors advise that there are many benefits to taking off your bra at night. If you also stay at work all day and want to come home and relax for a while, take off your bra and wear a light t-shirt or gown.

In this way you will get a lot of benefits from half an hour of rest. Wearing a bra for 24 hours can have many bad consequences.

  1. Breast pain

Wearing a tight bra all day causes pain in the breasts. This can be a problem if you also wear the wrong size bra. The best solution is to break down and wear a bra of the right size, and take off your bra at night.

  1. Stop blood circulation-

Constant wear of the bra does not allow the blood to circulate well in the breast. That is why sports bras are considered the best. But if you wear a tight bra, such a problem can occur. Wear a loose bra and take it off at night.

  1. There will be pain in the back-

Wearing a bra constantly causes a lot of pain in the back and waist. This is because the back of the rubber is butchered. And there comes the pressure.

  1. Inflammation of the skin-

Constantly wearing a bra will cause itching and inflammation in the skin. So put powder before wearing a bra and definitely take off your bra at night. Only wear a new bra after washing.

  1. Breast flexion-

Wearing the wrong size bra causes the breasts to sag. Brany fitting will not come as the breasts become loose. So its shape also deteriorates. So wear the right size bra.

  1. Hyperpigmentation-

If you’ve also been wearing a step-up bra for a long time, it’s printed. His marks remain on the body. How many women get bran patches on the body. Which looks very dirty in appearance.

  1. Makes your posture worse-

Wearing a bra all day and even at night spoils the posture of the body. Pain in the neck, back and waist also continues. This pain can often take a terrible form.

8. Fungus-

Bring a new bra and wear it, don't even wash it. So it increases the fungal infection in the breast. Keep washing your bra with Dotel or Savlon liquid from time to time. Be sure to dry in the sun so that no germs remain.

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