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Sunday, December 20, 2020

No one has the strength that can do with you Cyber ​​Fraud, just adopt this easy trick

Most mobile phone companies are constantly sending new updates to strengthen the security of their handsets. 
Keep it updated to secure your phone. You can check the software update by going to your phone's settings for this. You may not have noticed this but we also show you this trick to protect you from hacking. Always turn off Universe Plug and Play (Upnp) in your broadband router. Turn it on only when needed. In fact any outsider can easily connect to your network only with the help of upan. Cyber ​​fraud can also hack into your phone using this trick for intrusion.

Security updates keep coming from time to time

A good brand does not mean just having an expensive phone. Brands like Samsung and LG are also making very good phones these days. One of the features of a good brand of smartphone is that it has security updates coming from time to time. Cyber ​​fraud is less likely to hack the phone.

Use broadband Pay special attention to its WiFi password

Pay special attention to the WiFi password whenever you use broadband at home. Remember not to use your name in the password. The first step in a cyber attack is to enter your name in the password.

Always use a number and a special character when setting a password

Having a strong password in mobile is the biggest security measure. If you enter a password of at least 8 characters in your mobile, it becomes a little difficult to crack. Always use a number and special character when setting a password.

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