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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Vivo Foldable Phone will get special features including Stylus Pen, will be launched soon

Vivo has
 now joined the race for foldable smartphones and is set to launch a sleek foldable mobile next year. Which will be with the Stylus Pen. The special feature of this Vivo phone is that the pen can be inserted in its hinge (curved space) and with its help you can operate the Vivo phone easily.

Vivo pholdebala Mobility ( In Vivo Oppo (Oppo) with foldable mobile), Samsung (Samsung), Google (Google) and companies like Xiaomi (Xiaomi) is also working on the phone Next Generation pholdebala next year launch a tremendous pholdebala call all the companies Will be done.

Design Patent
Vivo patented the design of a foldable phone with a stylus pen in February 2020. According to LetsGoDigital, Vivo patented the design of its folded phone at the World Intellectual Property Office with the title Display panel and mobile terminal.

According to Vivo's documents, this foldable phone can be folded inwards and after unfolding it will become like a tablet. It will look like Samsung Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Z Fold2. But when you fold it, there will be a gap due to the hinge and you will be able to keep the Stylus Pen in this gap.

Terrific mobiles are coming
Vivo can use the latest technology to protect the screen of its Phobdebus phone from any kind of damage, which will be user friendly. It is believed that the features of this foldable phone from Vivo will be similar to the popular foldable phones of Samsung and other companies. However, it is also being speculated that the price of Vivo's foldable phone may be relatively low. Companies like Oppo may launch rollable phones in the near future, which will use advanced technology.

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