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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Bewafa tea seller : lover opened Bewafa chai wala stall after being cheated in love

Some people ruin themselves when they are betrayed in love and some people get out of it and cultivate themselves. 
After separating from his girlfriend in Bhind, Madhya Pradesh, the boyfriend has started a tea shop. What is special is that this tea shop has been named 'Bewafa Chai wala' by the lover. If a couple comes to this tea shop to drink tea, they are offered tea for 20 rupees. When a person who stumbles in love is given a cup of tea for 15 rupees.

This name and rule of the shop has become the center of attraction for the people. Speaking of Deepak Parihar from Malanpur who was in pain of being separated from his girlfriend. He turned this pain into employment and started a tea shop. While opening a tea shop, Deepak also expressed his pain in his name and named it 'Bewafa Chawalo'. Seeing this name, people are drawn here to drink tea. Everyone asks Deepak, who sells tea in a clay pot, the reason behind the name, but Deepak avoids talking instead of saying the reason every time.

Deepak hides his grief in front of the customers but when the media spotted this tea shop, the pain of its owner overflowed. Deepak said that someone became unfaithful and walked away from his life. He has endured that pain and that is why he has named the tea shop 'Bewafa Chawalo'. Deepak has also given a message.

In Deepak's shop, tea is given to a loving couple for Rs 20, while in love, tea is given to those who stumble for Rs 15. While the soldiers are given free tea. The shop owner said that his childhood dream was to serve the country and enlist in the army. But for some reason could not go. Now, through a tea shop, he wants to convey the message of how high the position of the soldiers of the country is by making a small and big effort to go to the army that is defending the country.

There is a lot of talk of 'Bewafa Chawla' on social media. However, Deepak is running the shop with a sincere heart, suppressing his grief. This tea shop is also very crowded with customers.

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