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Thursday, December 10, 2020

Sputnik: Avoiding alcohol for 2 months after Covid vaccine is important, Russian experts advice

Covid-19 Vaccine and Alcohol: Russian experts have made public some important information about what to take care of after taking the dose of Kovid-19 Vaccine Sputnik V. 
It is also important to strictly follow the rule of non-alcohol consumption by the person who gets the vaccine. According to the information received, Russian authorities have advised not to drink alcohol for 2 months after receiving the dose of Sputnik V. (Covid-19 Vaccine and Alcohol)

At the same time, now in India also health experts are emphasizing that people will have to avoid consuming alcohol along with taking vaccine supplements. Experts said on Thursday that this is a preventive measure for Kovid-19 patients to avoid alcohol, which will protect them from Kovid-19 infection as well as help the Kovid-19 vaccine to work effectively. According to these experts, the motive behind advising people to avoid alcohol consumption is only and only by keeping the immune system strong. (Ways to Boost Immune System during Pandemic)

Speaking to news agency IANS, Dr. Praveen Gupta, Head and Director of Neurology at Fortis Hospital (Gurugram), said about the intake of this Kovid-19 vaccine and alcohol, that "Russian authorities who have taken Kovid vaccine There are some peculiar suggestions for patients. The motive behind these suggestions is to expect greater protection from the Kovid-19 infection. ” (Covid-19 Vaccine and Alcohol)

Dr. Praveen further said, "There can be 2 reasons behind this kind of advice by Russian scientists. First, they probably believe that the drug will start its work 2 months after receiving the vaccine dose. The other reason could also be that there is no precise explanation as to why people would take care for such a long time even after vaccination. ” (Covid-19 Vaccine and Alcohol)

Let me tell you that in Russia, people also consume alcohol in their daily life. In such a situation, adopting any such preventive measure will not only affect the lifestyle of the people here and also from the economic point of view it will affect the country greatly. It may also happen that due to this, people's opinion towards the vaccine will also change. (Coronavirus Vaccine and Alcohol)

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