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Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Saturn's zodiac sign will not change in 2021, these 3 zodiac signs will have to be saved

The 2021 new year is coming in just a few days. 
Sun son Shani is considered the god of justice. It is believed that Shani Dev gives the same fruits to the person who does the work. A person doing good deeds also gets good fruit in a half-and-half or dhaiya. Saturn's Rashiparivar affects Saturn's half-century, dhaiyya and Mahadasha of Saturn on different zodiac signs. But let us tell you that in the coming year 2021, Shani Dev is not transiting anything. Shani Dev is continuously present in Capricorn this year except the Sagittarius sign for the next two and a half years in 2020.

Shanidev will live in Capricorn until the year 2022. Saturn will not change the zodiac, but constellations will definitely change. Saturn will remain in Uttarashada Nakshatra which is the Sun's constellation till 20 January 2021. At the time of entering Capricorn, it will have the effect of descending for Sagittarius, middle for Aquarius and rising for Saturn. According to Jyotishacharya Pt. Diwakar Tripathi 'Purvanchali', Shanidev will remain in heaven in Capricorn until January 18, 2023. Meanwhile, from 30 April 2022 to 9 July 2022, you will transit in Aquarius. Shani Dev is happy with serving the elderly and the poor, so if Saturn is half in your zodiac sign, never forget to respect your elders. Keep helping the poor too. The remedies given below in the half century of Saturn are also considered beneficial.

Saturn remedy Sadhesati
Saturday 'Prov Preen Prun Snashcray moist: "Should the chant. Before every month's Amavasya, clean your house and business place, do the washing and there must also be a mustard oil lamp. Offer anything made of jaggery and gram to Lord Hanuman and then distribute it to as many people as possible. Must read Shani Mritunjay Stotra, Dasharatha Shani Stotra for 40 days.

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