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Thursday, December 10, 2020

Not only the cat, cutting the path of these 4 animals is also inauspicious, it can be very bad

Since childhood, all of us have heard from our elders that, if the cat breaks out of the house, then we should stop for a while. 
It is believed that cutting the cat way means something inauspicious. That's why older people always advise that, even after the cat has passed away, the work getting out of the house can be spoiled. But today we will tell you about not 4 cats but 4 animals and birds which are more inauspicious than cats and sometimes such signs are given which we do not understand and later regret. So let us know, apart from the cat, which animals and birds are there which can be seen coming out of the house or cutting the path, some damage can happen.

Unspeakable by enemies
If you are leaving your house for auspicious or important work and the snake should go from left to right then it should stop. Because, the snake going ahead of you is an inauspicious sign and the snake is considered an enemy sign anyway. Therefore, due to snake bite, there is fear of something untoward by enemies and the work also starts deteriorating.

Trouble in travel
Although in Hinduism, cow is considered to be worshipable. Cow is also called mother. However, if a herd of cows come in your way, stop immediately and leave the house after a while. It is believed that the cow protects you from impending crises and when the sound of the cow's tomb is heard, there is a possibility of problems in the journey.

Like death,
crow is a bird whose sitting on the head is very inauspicious. But when the crow touches your head or comes out of your house, it is likely to cause physical pain. Many times a person is surrounded by disease and due to this, the person may also die and may have to suffer like death. Therefore, it is better that if this happens, you either stop for a while or postpone the journey.

If the work is going to deteriorate, if you are going for some auspicious work, then if you see a mongoose, then there is a possibility of loss. At the same time, if the boar cuts the path from your left side, then the work made from it also starts deteriorating.

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