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Thursday, December 10, 2020

Follow these 5 tips of Vastu in life, your bank balance will double

Everyone takes many measures to make their life the best. 
So that his life can be filled with happiness. But even after making millions of efforts, the troubles do not get away from life and the bank also starts emptying. Vastu defects are the cause of most problems. Which we often overlook. Yes, many times we are not able to create positive energy around us, due to which negative energy around us builds its camp. Therefore, today we have brought some measures of Vastu Shastra with the help of which you can get happiness and prosperity. Also, your bank balance will also increase. Because, when you stay positive, you will also work well.

Just as we like different colors of Holi and festivals, similarly if we fill our life with colors, then all the problems will go away on our own. That is to say, on auspicious occasions, we can get the blessings of Mother Lakshmi by making a Rangoli of happiness at our home. This creates positive energy in the home.

Do smoke in the house in the evening, in
many homes, worship is definitely done in the evening and the mind is pleased with the light smell of incense sticks and incense sticks. But if this smoke is spread throughout the house, that is, camphor or incense smoke in every corner of the house, it removes negative energy from the house.

At every place, take the right step first.
You may be thinking that, we keep the right step but often we accidentally put the left foot first which is not right and the right foot is seen as positive energy. So at home or office and everywhere you go, take your first step with the right foot.

Keep the wipes out of the house,
often after throwing the wipes, we throw that water in the house. However, it is wrong to do so. Whenever you wipe in the house, do not throw the water in the house or in the bathroom, but throw it out of the house.

Feed bread to animals
Often you have heard from elders that giving bread to the hungry is the greatest virtue. So feed bread to animals, doing so creates positive energy in the house. Also keep water for birds on your roof.

Note: Our article based on Vastu Shastra has been written only according to the interest of the readers. We do not confirm the accuracy of any result.

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