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Friday, December 11, 2020

If you take care of your jeans in this way, they will never fade

Jeans should be washed once in 6 months if considered expert. 
Many people will be annoyed to hear this but this is the truth. Washing jeans worsens their quality. So today we will tell you how to clean jeans.

1. Don't wash
often Jeans lose their color and strength by washing too often. So wash it by wearing it two-three times. Wash it only when it is very dirty or muddy. New denims should only be washed after 6 months so that the dye can fade in the right place and make it look more attractive.

2. Never dry clean it
. Don't take your jeans to a dry cleaner by mistake. Dry cleaning uses chemicals that damage your genes to the basic fabrics as well as reduce their strength. 
3. Drying out in the air Drying the
jeans takes a lot of time but it is more appropriate to dry it in the open air instead of in a washing machine, as doing so makes it last longer.
4. Wash in cold water
If you need to wash it, always wash it in cold water. Hot water will shrink the jeans.
5. Hand wash only Hand
washing does not cause any harsh movements on your jeans. Also never use a scrub or brush.
6. Use of mild detergent
A mild detergent cleans and maintains the color of your jeans. Always wash your jeans upside down, don't make the mistake of steeping them in 2 teaspoons of salt water before washing, it will retain the color of your jeans.

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