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Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Hide this way without deleting your personal chat on WhatsApp, find out what the trick

 messaging app WhatsApp launched a number of features this year after which the estimate of using this app changed. Through which users have started getting many features. Also, WhatsApp has more features than before that people don't know much about. Today we are going to tell you about one such feature. Most of the time we delete our personal chats to hide things from others. But this app has a feature after which you do not have to delete personal chat. This feature is called Archive Chat. Let us tell you how you can use this feature of WhatsApp.

How To Hide Whatsapp Chat In iPhone

First you go into your WhatsApp chat. Now swipe right on the chat you want to hide. After that you will get the option of an archive Clicking on the archive will hide your chat.

This way Android users can hide their chats

Also, Android users can easily hide their WhatsApp chats. For that first you have to go to WhatsApp chat. After that you have to press and hold on the chat for a while. After that you will get many options above. Here you will find an archive option. All you have to do is click on it. Your chat will be hidden after archive.

In this way, the Archive and Unarchive

Now that you've archived to hide a personal chat, you can unarchive it again. Once archived, the chat will run at the bottom of a separate folder. You can open it after searching the contact name. Now if you want to bring it back to normal chat box you can unarchive it by clicking on the same chat.

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