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Sunday, December 13, 2020

Good news for Instagram users, now this place will also have shopping facility

Facebook-owned photo sharing platform Instagram is set to launch a special feature for its millions of users today. 
Starting today, the shopping feature will be added to the Reels section on 
Instagram . Instagram has started publishing globally from today. This special feature will allow users, businesses and influencers to tag producers in their own reels. Users can shop by tapping on this tag. In October, the company launched a similar feature in IGTV videos. Meanwhile, Instagram informed that a similar feature will be launched for the reels section soon.

With this new update comes the option of branded content, which can be used in paid posts. With that, Instagram will now offer shopping for all its formats i.e. Post, Storage, Live, IGTV and now Reels.

Features like e-commerce

Because, Instagram is a visual medium and users look here for product inspiration. With the convenience of shopping, Instagram as well as business will be able to benefit. Instagram also uses Facebook Peno and has the option of basket and checkout like e-commerce features. Users do not have to close the app to buy any product.

Launching the shopping feature on the reels is believed to be part of the company’s offer of more and more features in the last few months. Recently Facebook Messenger and Instagram DMs have also been integrated.

It is worth noting that, like Instagram, this feature of reels shopping is coming at a time when Facebook has filed cases against 48 states in the United States. These states are on the verge of abusing power through Facebook to increase its dominance in the social media market.

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