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Saturday, December 12, 2020

Follow these tips to drive cockroaches out of the house

Cockroaches are found in everyone's home these days. 
Cockroaches live happily ever after in their homes. It also proves to be harmful to health if cockroaches move around food and drink items in your kitchen. But if you are bothered by cockroaches and are trying to get rid of them, these simple homemade tips will be very useful to you.


Thus all cloves are used in food. But if you have too many cockroaches in your kitchen, put cloves in the kitchen cabinet to get rid of it, then the cockroach will run away.

Red wine

You can repel cockroaches by placing 1/3 of the wine in a bowl inside the cabinet in the  kitchen.

Baking Powder

Put the baking powder in a bowl and keep it inside and outside the cabinet to destroy the cockroaches living in the kitchen. Be sure to replace it after 10-15 days. Because of moisture, its fragrance is lost.

Tobacco and Coffee Powder

Tobacco and coffee powder tablets are made and kept at home to destroy cockroaches.


juice is best for repelling onion cockroaches. Crush the onion in a mixer to make its juice and apply it where the cockroaches are. Clean up again in four or five days and keep applying the juice. Thus your house will be free from cockroaches in 1 month.

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