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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Don't do these seven mistakes on Tuesday, all the money will flow like water

Astro Tips Tuesday:
In Hindus, every day of the week is dedicated to different Gods. 
Tuesday is the day of Mars and Bajrangbali is worshiped on this day. In astrology, Mars is considered a factor of might, valor, courage, land, army, blood, red color etc. It is believed that by worshiping Hanuman ji with full reverence on this special day, one gets rid of all the troubles. Especially those people should worship Hanuman ji, who has Mangal Dosh in their horoscope. People take many measures to please God. But many times, such mistakes are made which make Bajrangbali angry. So let's know about those 7 mistakes that should not be forgotten even on Tuesday.

Do not commit these 7 mistakes on Tuesday

Tuesdays accidentally also shave not Enforce. By the way, you must have seen that all salons are closed on Tuesday. Beard is considered inauspicious on this day. If you want to shave, then Wednesday is the best day for that.

Up kit
is considered that, should not buy stuff day makeup Tuesday. By doing this, there are problems in the marital life. The most auspicious days for makeup is Monday and Friday.

Do not make urad
even after forgetting to eat urad dal on Tuesday. Because, Urad is related to Saturn and by taking Urad on this day, the combination of Saturn Mars can harm health.

not cut your nails on Tuesday. If you do this then it can cause difficulties in life.

A fight with a brother
should not be fought on any given day. This affects the happiness and peace of the family. But do not pique brother on Tuesday even on mistake. Because Mars is believed to be related to elder brother and fighting with elder brother can lead to sufferings and accidents in life.

vegetarian food Do not consume non- vegetarian food on Tuesday. People who consume fish on this day, their money goes on flowing like water.

Black Clothing
Never shop for black clothes on Tuesday. If we wear red clothes on this day, it will reduce Mangal Dosh.

Digging the
Land Do not dig the land on the day of Hanuman ji. By doing this, Mars has an inauspicious effect on the family. Because, Mars is considered as Bhoomiputra. Therefore, do not lay the foundation of the house on Tuesday.

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