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Sunday, December 13, 2020

Do not forget these 5 things even in the evening or at night, mother Lakshmi gets angry, there is loss of money

Who does not want to invite mother Lakshmi to her house? 
Every person wants that the mother should always remain in his house. People also take all kinds of measures for this. From the rituals of worship, they do every method that Mother Lakshmi should not be angry with them. But do you really want that Maa Lakshmi stay in your house forever, then for this you have to take care of those things due to which Mother Lakshmi gets angry very soon. When the time for Deepawali comes, people clean every corner of their house so that Maa Lakshmi will be pleased with her devotee and give them the blessings of wealth and splendor. It is said that the house from which mother Lakshmi gets angry, she has to struggle with money related problems.

In fact, for many years, such traditions and beliefs have been going on, which is said that if this is done, then Goddess Lakshmi will always turn away from that house forever. Therefore, tie these knots so that you do not do such works at all, which will cause you to face lack of money in the coming time. After all, what are those things that should not be done during evening or night, let us also tell you.

1- It is believed that milk or curd should not be given to anyone during evening or night. Yes, if you buy these things at this time, then come. But do not forget to take someone out of your house. If you have made this mistake, then you may have to face mother's anger.

2- Remember that after you wake up in the morning after cleaning the entire house and do pooja-worship, in the evening clean the house even before the sun sets. Especially clean the main entrance of the house. Because Goddess Lakshmi does not like dirt at all.

3- Take special care of this that when you cook food at night, do not forget to clean the kitchen before sleeping. Especially during night, do not keep false utensils in the kitchen. Because even this Lakshmi gets angry.

4- You will know that Maa Lakshmi is also called Annadata. By his grace, people get both wealth and food. Therefore remember that you should not insult the grain even by mistake. Remember that when you eat food, finish it completely. Because Maa Lakshmi is also angry due to this.

5- Not only that, it is said that in the houses where women are always insulted, Goddess Lakshmi never dwells in that house. Therefore, do not forget to repeat this mistake.

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