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Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Do not drink water accidentally after eating these 5 things, may cause big harm

Whenever we start eating water after eating something sweet, our grandparents, parents and the elders of the rest of the house always refuse to do this to us and when we do not listen to them, then it has to bear the brunt of it like many times There is a dry cough or some other problem. 
This does not happen only with eating sweets, there are many such things which cause some problems in the body after drinking water after eating. Today we tell you which things should not be water after eating, otherwise it can cause problems.

If you drank water after drinking coffee, it can have a direct effect on your digestive system, so one should not always drink water for half an hour after drinking coffee. This can cause constipation problems.

fruit accounts can be difficult to increase the level of indigestion from drinking water, cough or sugar. Drinking water after eating oranges and grapes can cause problems like sore throat, sore throat. Banana, chiku, pear, apple, pomegranate, etc., contain sugar and citric acid, so that the body may have problems as soon as it drinks water.

should not drink water accidentally even after eating gram. This may cause abdominal pain. This is because our body needs the heat present inside our stomach to digest the gram and by getting water, this heat does not stop inside the body. If gram does not digest properly, then there is a problem of abdominal pain.

Peanut can cause dry cough by drinking water after eating. This is because its effect is hot. Peanuts are hot and water is cold, so they start feeling thirsty after eating it. So drink water at least 15 minutes after eating peanuts.

water should not be drunk after eating sweets, because doing so increases the sugar in the body. Water increases the body's ability to store sugar. If you do this again and again, your chances of developing diabetes may increase.

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