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Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Wear these two gems think carefully, otherwise you will be ruined

Our astrology has special place of planets. 
Just as there are nine planets in the sky, similarly there are nine planets in the body. Sometimes when we face many problems in our life, then we blame it on our planetary constellations and to calm the planets, we wear some gem associated with it. It is believed that by wearing the gemstone related to the respective planet, our problems start to cool down to a great extent, but it happens many times that even after wearing the gemstone, our problems do not decrease but it increases even more, so today Let us tell you that any gemstone should not be worn like this, but after thinking very carefully, you should ask astrology and wear it according to your zodiac, otherwise it starts giving inauspicious results instead of giving auspicious results. At the same time, there are two gems in astrology which are also the most powerful, but they are also very dangerous,


Diamond is considered the most precious of all nine gems. People usually wear it to show beauty and status. It is considered a symbol of happiness and prosperity. Its direct relation is on marital life and blood. This gem is perfect for increasing glamor in life. Astrology says that diamonds should never be worn for the sake of fashion and opulence. Also, people with diabetes or blood problems should not wear diamonds. It is good to wear a diamond after 21 years of age and before 50 years of age.


Neelam is considered to be the main gem of Saturn. It basically controls the air. According to the name, its color is also blue only then it is called Sapphire. It is said that the one who shoots Neelam makes him a king from the rank, but if its effect is reversed, it ruins everything overnight. Neelam is considered as a cipher gem which became "sapphire". It is a gem of the Kurundam group and otherwise it can be dangerous. Sapphire should always be worn in iron or silver. Wearing it in gold does not give favorable results. It is appropriate to wear Neelam on Saturday midnight and before wearing it, Lord Shiva and Shani Dev must be dedicated.

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