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Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Do not drink milk with these 5 things, there may be a risk of life

In today's time, people are very active about their health. 
Every morning starts with their exercise, then they do not sleep without drinking milk at night. Due to which their daily routine becomes the same and which is also beneficial. There are many people who have a habit of drinking milk at night. But do you know that the milk you drink at night can also be dangerous for you at times. There are many things that if you eat at night and drink milk after that. So your health will be affected. like….

pulses is the most good for the Body. Many people do eat a single time pulse but some lentils are like this. Those who drink milk after eating can cause great harm. Such as moong, urad and gram dal. If you eat these lentils at dinner and then drink milk then it falls directly on your heart. Due to which there is a risk of problems like heart blockage.

is common in salads. But there are many people who eat only salad in titing, but if you are eating only salad at night and then drinking milk then milk can be toxic and cause stomach pain. Apart from this, if you drink milk after radish, cucumber and onion then you may have skin related problems.

Fish is
beneficial in fish intake. Equally hot is the fish. Drinking milk after eating fish causes gas, allergies and skin problems.

Fruits are
very high in vitamins and calcium in milk. For this reason, if milk is drunk after fruits, then calcium and vitamins are found poisonous in the stomach. Sour fruits like orange and pineapple should not be taken before milk. Eating these things with milk causes problems in digestion.

should not be drunk even after eating a meal with high salt content . Like jackfruit bitter gourd. Drinking milk after these things can cause problems of skin diseases like ringworm, itching, itching, agsima, psoriasis, etc.

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