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Tuesday, December 15, 2020

If you have this disease, do not consume cauliflower

Often, whenever we fall ill, doctors advise us to eat green things, maximum green vegetables. 
Because many nutrients like vitamins, minerals and fiber are found in green vegetables. Those who eat greatly benefit health. Cauliflower also comes in these green vegetables. Which is mostly used for eating in homes. People eat it in different flavors. But do you know that this green vegetable is your

Can also harm health…?
There is no need to be shocked to hear this. Because it is not harmful for every person. Because, if you see the ingredients in calcium, phosphorus, vitamins and anti-oxidants are found in cabbage. In such a situation, this flower cabbage hurts those people who have such diseases. After all, in which diseases cauliflower should not be consumed, today we will tell you through this news.

Thyroid patient

Patients suffering from thyroid must take care that they do not consume cauliflower in this disease. According to scientists, there are two types of thyroid, one is hyperthyroid and the other is hypothyroid. In such a disease, thyroid gland is not activated after consuming cauliflower, due to which the body does not get the amount of T3, T4 hormone. Therefore, these patients should avoid eating cauliflower.

Stone patients

According to scientists, excessive amount of calcium is found in cauliflower. Therefore, those who have stones in the cheek bladder or kidney should avoid eating cauliflower. Because in this disease, the amount of calcium increases by eating cauliflower and the stones increase even more.

Stomach gas

According to scientists, the nutrient content in cauliflower is high. Due to which there is problem in the person's digestion. Therefore, people suffering from gas should avoid eating cauliflower.

Along with this, women who are feeding the baby should also avoid consuming cauliflower. Because the consumption of cabbage increases the problem of gas.

Suffering from blood clot problem

It has been found in the search that the amount of K is found in cauliflower. Which goes inside the body and acts as a blood clot. Therefore, people suffering from blood clot disease should avoid consuming cauliflower.

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