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Monday, December 21, 2020

Christmas 2020: Not only green, this colored Christmas tree is also considered very auspicious

As soon as the month of December begins, the preparations for Christmas also begin. 
Christmas is considered the most important decoration. Not only this, there are many people who decorate the Christmas tree with a lot of heart in the house, which is also considered quite good. Apart from this, many people do not even know that Christmas tree is not just a thing to decorate any corner of the house. You can also fill your home with happiness and positive energy in life. So let us know what things can be done by decorating the Christmas tree according to Feng Shui, you can make your life successful and happy.

According to Feng Shui, keep these important things in mind while decorating the Christmas tree-

  1. While decorating the Christmas tree, make sure to put a Santa doll on it. By doing this, the coming year brings many opportunities filled with happiness for you.
  2. According to Feng Shui, Christmas tree should not be kept in the house meeting. Because doing this causes bitterness among family members.
  3. If you want to decorate it in the meeting itself, then decorate the tree with golden color, it ends the ominous effect.
  4. The Christmas tree should not be placed just opposite the main gate of the house and near the bathroom. Because it brings failure and negative energy.
  5. Applying blue colored Christmas tree in the children's room at home has a good effect on them and the year ahead for them remains very lucky.

6- According to China, planting a red Christmas tree at home brings positive energy to the house. Newly married couples are advised to plant a red colored Christmas tree at home.

7- If there is disturbance in the house, then place the Christmas tree in the upper part of the house to the right. Doing this increases happiness, peace and love in the home.

8-Christmas tree is considered to be auspicious in the southeast direction. According to Feng Shui, doing so brings happiness and prosperity at home.

9-Never place the Christmas tree along the wall. Decorate it with red, blue or yellow lights. It is said that all these colors are of love and friendship. Those who maintain love and belonging among each other.

10-Putting stars on Christmas tree is considered a symbol of positivity and happiness in life. Those who work for you in your life.

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