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Monday, December 21, 2020

Christmas 2020: Christmas is the symbol of love and brotherhood

Christmas, which is a major festival of Christians, comes once a year, and it is celebrated by Christians with great pomp and show. 
Christians start celebrating this festival from the night of 24. Dhoom of this festival is very much discussed. At Christmas, people of all religions, sects and groups often gather and meditate on the Lord Jesus. On the eve of Christmas, people sing carols in praise of the Lord and go to each other's house to convey the message of love and brotherhood.

Like other religions, some people have different sects in Christianity. There are also many types of churches of this religion. Like every religion, Christianity also shows the path of peace, unity, charity, love and brotherhood. This festival focuses on being happy and sharing happiness. In these churches, people of other religions also come for Christmas and other programs and take part in the happiness of their Christian friends. Various religious leaders also come to the churches and give blessings and peace messages.

After all, why is Christmas festival celebrated?

Once upon a time, God sent an angel named Grabial to a young woman named Mary, Grabial, the messenger of God, went to Mary and said that she had to give birth to the son of God. Mary was shocked to hear this because she was still a virgin, so she asked Grabial how it would be possible. So Grabial said that God will do everything right. Time passed and Mary was married to a young man named Joseph. The messenger of God, Grabiel, came in Joseph's dream and told him that soon Mary would be pregnant and that she would have to take special care of him because none of her future children are Lord Jesus herself.

At that time Joseph and Mary Nazrath lived in what is currently a part of Israel. At that time Nazrath was a part of the Roman Empire. Once for some reason Joseph and Mary went to Bethlehem for some work, there were many people there in those days, due to which all the hospices were full so that Joseph and Mary could not find a place. After a lot of tiredness, both of them found a place in a stables and at the same place after midnight Lord Jesus was born. Some shepherds were grazing their sheep near the stables, there appeared the messengers of God and informed the shepherds about the birth of Lord Jesus. The shepherds went to that newborn baby and bowed to him.

When Jesus grew up, he preached all over Galilee and tried to remove every disease and weakness of the people. Gradually, his fame spread all around. There were also some enemies of Jesus' goodwill actions who eventually tortured Jesus and hanged him to death on the cross. But Jesus continued in the direction of human welfare throughout his life, not only that when he was being hanged on the cross, he still said that Father, forgive these people because these people are ignorant. From then onwards, Christians celebrate Christmas on 25 December, the birthday of Jesus.

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