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Thursday, December 10, 2020

Bring these 10 auspicious things home on New Year, Barkat will remain at home with happiness

In the joy of coming New Year (New Year 2021), people start planning many things and are filled with new enthusiasm. 
The New Year is greeted with great fervor. People pray that on the new year, their home happiness, peace and economic prosperity continued. Some people take pledge for good deeds and new works in life. By the way, everyone is very keen about the new year and in such a situation, according to Vastu (2021), bringing home some things (10 auspicious things) on the new year is considered very auspicious. According to astrologers, bringing these things home on New Year always keeps the barkat at home.

10 good things brought home on new year

According to pyramid
experts, keeping the pyramid at home creates an energetic environment. The shape of the pyramid should be placed on the north south axis. It is believed that in the shape of a pyramid , there is a change in the gum dharma of the objects. Placing a pyramid of wood or paper in a food item changes its properties and keeps it from rotting. This is the reason that in ancient times people kept pyramids in the bodies of their families.

Metal turtle
Some people keep mud or wood turtle in the house. Which is not considered right. If you want to keep turtle, then make good metal. By the way, the metal remains true of silver brass bronze and the turtle should always be kept in the north direction.

Shankha Conch has special significance in Hinduism and the southern conch and pearl of conch has its own importance. However, pearl shell is slightly shiny in appearance. If Moti Shankh is kept in the coffers of the house with full law and order, then it leads to profit in business and increase in income.

Solid Silver
Elephant Keeping a solid silver elephant in the house has a miraculous effect. Rahu and Ketu are not affected by keeping silver elephants and there is progress in jobs and business. Keeping an elephant also maintains peace and tranquility in the house. By the way, if you want, you can also keep the idol of Ganesha, you also get the same benefit. But if you keep a silver idol, then keep only solid silver.

Gomti Chakra
Gomti Chakra looks simple in appearance and is of stone. Keeping Gomti Chakra has miraculous effects. Its name is Gomti Chakra because it is found in the river Gomti. It is believed that by keeping Gomti Chakra in the house, there is no obstruction of any kind of enemy over the person. Take 11 Gomti Chakras in the vault of the house and wrap them in yellow clothes. You will get good effects.

If you consider a parrot picture or an idol of
Vastu, then by putting a picture of a parrot in the north direction, the interest of children in education starts to increase and memory capacity also increases. Parrot is considered a symbol of love, loyalty, long life and good luck. If you are feeling sickness, hopelessness and poverty in your house then install parrot in the house. Parrot pairs can be established for a sweet relationship between husband and wife.

Wrap small female in small coconut red cloth and keep them in the vault. By installing this, the house remains the residence of mother Lakshmi for a long time. Wealth and prosperity are also maintained by keeping small coconut in the house. By the way, coconut is considered as the form of Sakshata Lakshmi, so keeping it in the house, many kinds of problems start to go away on their own.

Peacock is considered very auspicious and miraculous. Morpunkh removes all the obstacles coming in luck. But while keeping the peacock house, keep in mind that the bunch is not there. Rather only 1 to 3 should be Morpunkh.

is of the opinion that every wish is fulfilled by keeping the picture of the swastika in the house and in the Puranas, the swastika is considered as a symbol of Lakshmi and Ganapati. Being in the house of a swastika gets rid of all the problems related to family, money and health.

Rosary of lotus
leaf should be kept in the house of sandalwood, basil and lotus leaf. It is believed that all the paths of wealth are opened with the garland of lotus leaf. Actually, Kamalgatta is very dear to Maa Lakshmi ji and chanting with a garland made of Tulsi or lotus seeds is auspicious. It must be kept in the place of worship. This brings positive energy to the home and mind.

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